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Microsoft released the first public test build 18917 of Windows Server 20H1, also named Windows Server vNext. It comes with some new virtual machines tools, improvements to Azure integration functionality, as well as updates to Windows Admin Center.

Microsoft Releases First Test Build of Windows Server 20H1

Recently Microsoft released the first Windows Server test build 18917 of Windows Server 20H1. This Windows Insider Preview is also named Windows Server vNext. It is a feature update for Windows Server. It is the first time that Microsoft releases a preview for the 20H1 development branch.

Microsoft doesn’t release any test builds of it 19H2 branch, but it’s said that there is a plan for 19H2 update this year for both Windows 10 and Windows Server. However, it should be a minor update.

Based on a blog post from Microsoft tech community, the new Windows Server 20H1 build includes some new virtual machines tools, and makes some updates to Azure integration functionality around Azure Hybrid services tool. Microsoft is also producing a new version of Windows Admin Center and releases Windows Admin Center Preview 1906 along with Windows Server vNext Preview Build 18917.

Windows Server 20H1 Preview Build 18917 New Features and Updates

The new Windows Server 20H1 test build adds Import/Export buttons to the Virtual Machines tool. It allows users to import virtual machines from a local volume or remote file share, as well as export VMs to local volume. In the process of importing VMs from local volume, users can choose to create a new VM ID, copy the VM files and use them directly.

Besides, users can now tag VMs on a Hyper-V server. In the Inventory tab in the virtual machine, there is an “Edit tags” button to allow users manage tags. These tags are saved on the Hyper-V host server and can be accessed by other admins.

Still, the performance of virtual machines tool is also greatly improved. The page load time in the virtual machines tool has been reduced.

The Windows Server build 18917 also makes some improvements to Azure integration functionality.

The Azure Hybrid services tool can now let new services to be added at any time without an update of the entire tool because it is updated to load content from a feed. Furthermore, users can now switch between multiple Azure accounts.

If users want to add a server or Windows PC to the connection list, they can now log into Azure to freely choose a specific server or PC by browsing the Azure resources.

Windows Admin Center is the graphical tool for managing servers. As for the new features of Windows Admin Center Preview 1906, it adds a new menu, Performance Profile, which is located under Development of Windows Admin Center settings. This new tool can record the browsing session, record the times for each request and page load. Through this feature, users may be able to find some chances to improve the performance. Windows Admin Center preview 1906 also lets users select individual Windows updates to install.

If you want to try Windows Server 20H1 18917 build, you can register Microsoft Insiders to become a member of the Windows Insider program, and download the Windows Server Insider Preview from Windows Server Insider Preview Download page.

Based on the current routine, Microsoft may start rolling out the Windows Server 20H1 (Server 2003) around April or May 2020, along with Windows 10 20H1.

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