Xbox One S and Xbox One X are both fantastic game consoles. If you are considering whether to buy Xbox One S or One X, then you should get some information on Xbox One S vs Xbox One X. In this post, MiniTool Introduces their differences from several aspects.

Xbox One S VS Xbox One X


The first part talks about Xbox One S vs Xbox One X for hardware. The graphics chip in Xbox One X packs 40 compute units in a slightly smaller footprint than Xbox One S (only has 12).

The core of Xbox One X is also optimized for DirectX 12. Its clocked frequency is 1,172MHz, which is much higher than that of Xbox One and Xbox One S. The clock speed of the Xbox One X’s CPU has increased by about 30%, so it should be much more powerful in itself.

Xbox One X is also equipped with a complete 12GB GDDR5 memory, which will provide developers with more leeway and help the system handle 4K content. In contrast, Xbox One S only has 8 GB DDR3.

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Speaking of Xbox One S vs Xbox One X, their designs also need to be compared. Xbox One X has a matte black appearance and Xbox One S has a white case. Xbox One X (8.4 pounds) is 2 pounds heavier than Xbox One S (6.4 pounds). Despite the heavy weight, the physical size difference between the two is very small.

Xbox One S

Xbox One X

The back of the console has the same port layout and has a built-in power supply. Both include a USB port on the front, albeit on opposite sides. On Xbox One X, the eject button is located below the disc slot, rather than on the side of the Xbox One S.

The main design difference between the two that may affect the way you organize your entertainment center is the location of the fans. On Xbox One S, heat is emitted from the top of the console during operation. Xbox One X emits heat through the back of the console. This means you can stack other consoles, DVD players, TV boxes, etc. on Xbox One X without worrying about the system overheating.

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In terms of Xbox One X vs Xbox One S, many people care about their prices. The retail price of Xbox One X is $400, but the price is usually lower during the sales process.

If you don’t have a 4K HDR TV, your cost is much higher if you want to get the most from the premium console. At the same time, the starter bundle for Xbox One S is about $300, which includes a three-month Xbox Game Pass, allowing you to play various games without direct purchase. Xbox One S is also on sale regularly, so you can almost always find it for less than $300. If you choose not to use the disc, then by default, the price of the all-digital Xbox One S is only $250.

Xbox One VS Xbox One S: What’s the Difference Between Them?
Xbox One VS Xbox One S: What’s the Difference Between Them?

If you are considering buying a game console between Xbox One and Xbox One S, then this post that focuses on Xbox One vs Xbox One S is what you need.

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Bottom Line

What’s the difference between Xbox One S and Xbox One X? After reading this post, you should know their differences from three aspects and you can know which one is more suitable for you.

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