Olympus Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products. The Olympus cameras and digital voice recorders are used worldwide. So it’s no wonder there are a lot of people asking how to do the Olympus file recovery.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a dilemma – urgently needed files are missing from Olympus devices due to unknown reasons?

  • Maybe you can only blame yourself for making a mistake in leading to the loss of significant files.
  • Maybe you do not have a clue how the files get lost.

Either way, the most important thing to do in the first place is starting to perform Olympus file recovery with the help of professionals or wonderful assistant tool.

Olympus, which is believed to occupy the leading position in the field of precision instrument and optical technology, is famous around the world mainly for its voice recorder and digital camera. Succeeding in developing and releasing different kinds of digital products, Olympus owns countless users.

Since two of its most popular products are Olympus digital voice recorder and Olympus digital camera, you can easily find plenty of questions related to Olympus data recovery on the internet (in a forum, on a certain website or on different BBS).

In this article, I’ll try my best to tell you how to get back the lost files from an Olympus device. As for how to recover lost data and files from Olympus voice recorder and how to recover photos from Olympus digital camera, I’ll provide corresponding guide respectively in the following content.

Recover Files from Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Specific Case of Olympus File Recovery

There’s a particular case in which the user hopes to recover deleted files from Olympus digital voice recorder:

I accidentally deleted several files from my Olympus VN-4100 handheld digital voice recorder. And have so many precious audio chips insides. Please let me know what needs to be done in order to get these files restored. I am willing to destroy the recorder to retrieve the lost data.– Nick

VN-4100 handheld digital voice recorder

In this case, users usually don’t need to and can’t destroy the recorder. The reason why I said this is based on two facts:

  1. The real content of files deleted from Olympus handheld digital voice recorder will not be removed in the real sense until new data are saved to the same location to overwrite it and on the contrary, the files can be restored completely if users have a wonderful recovery tool.
  2. Any operations (like formatting and scratching) that would destroy the Olympus recorder will bring secondary damage to the deleted data.

Taking those into consideration, I advise you to put aside all tasks at hand (saving all pending documents and close all unnecessary programs), and then start Olympus recorder data recovery as quickly as they can.

How can you recover permanently deleted files on Windows platform? Please look here:

[SOLVED] How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Windows
[SOLVED] How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Windows

How to recover permanently deleted files from Windows 11/10? You can learn some practical methods from this post.

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How to Get Back Missing Files from Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

In order to help you avoid hitting a brick wall in selecting suitable voice recorder file recovery software, I decide to give my suggestion: MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

It is a professional data recovery tool for not only Olympus recorder file recovery and Olympus photo recovery, but also data recovery on other kinds of storage devices, such as USB flash drive and mobile hard disk.

Among users who have ever used this software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery enjoys a high reputation. Thus, it is believed to be a fabulous choice for Olympus data recovery.

As long as the file loss on Olympus digital voice recorder is caused by soft failures, this data recovery software can help you get back many of your lost files.

Recovery steps:

Step 1: get the software, install it and launch it to see the main interface.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery TrialClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2:

  • Connect your Olympus digital voice recorder to the computer.
  • Keep the default selection – “This PC”.
  • Find the drive that stands your digital voice recorder from the right side.

find digital voice recorder

Step 3: select the Olympus digital voice recorder and click on the “Scan” button.

Step 4: wait for the scan and then browse the scan result carefully in order to locate the files you need.

browse the scan result

Step 5: select the needed files and click on the “Save” button to store them to a safe location.

That’s how to recover lost photos/audio files from Olympus digital voice recorder. It also works for the deleted photo recovery from SD card.

Recover Photos from Formatted Olympus SD Card

However, if the audio files or photos were lost from Olympus digital voice recorder because of accidental formatting or corruption of storage media, the “Removable Disk Drive” should be chosen for Olympus photo recovery.

Steps to recover Olympus ORF photo files:

  1. In order to recover photos from Olympus digital camera, you should take out the SD card from camera properly, and then connect it to the computer (on which the data recovery software is installed) through the adapter.
  2. Afterwards, select the “Removable Disk Drive” from the left-hand panel of the main interface. You may click on the “Settings” button in order to select only “Olympus RAW Picture (*.orf)” and click on the “OK” button to confirm; in this way, the software will scan only the ORF files.
  3. Locate your SD card from the right-hand panel and click on the “Scan” button located in the lower right corner.
  4. At last, browse and check all needed photos from the scan result. Then, click on the “Save” to store them to another place.

Olympus RAW Picture

Please note that you’ll see the following prompt window after clicking on the “Save” button if you’re using the trial edition, which only allows you to scan the disk and preview the scan result. To really recover the found files, you must get a license for a full edition.

using the trial edition

This is all I want to say about Olympus file recovery. If you still have any questions, please feel free to leave a message at the end of the article.

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Olympus Corporation of the Americas

When seeing or hearing of Olympus, some of you may be wondering what exactly it is since it is not as well-known as Sony and Canon. In view of this, I feel it’s necessary to introduce Olympus.


Introduction to the Company

According to historical data, Olympus was founded in 1919. One year later, in 1920, microscope has been successfully commercialized for the first time by Olympus. Afterwards, Olympus became the world’s first developer for the endoscope, which plays an extremely important role in the field of cancer prevention and control.

Till now, Olympus Corporation has become one of the most representative companies for precise and optical technology in Japan, and even throughout the world. Its business scope includes three fields: medical industry, imaging industry and life science industry.

Main Products

One: Olympus digital voice recorder.

Olympus has three famous series of voice recorder: Olympus WS Series, Olympus LS Series, and Olympus DS Series.

  • The new members of Olympus WS Series recorder – WS-813, WS-812 and WS-811 appeared on the market in the spring of 2012. They ensure high-quality audio recording and keep the USB line & micro SD slot design as well; they also remain the unlimited potential portability and fast application.
  • Olympus LS Series recorder is actually a high-end professional linear PCM product, which is famous for rich feature, user-friendly design and easy-to-use characteristic. This series (LS-100, LS-3, LS-11, LS-12 and LS-14) uses high-quality recording technology and support multi-track recording mode.
  • Olympus DS-55 recorder and DS-65 recorder are high-end products with excellent sound quality and high added-value. They combine high-quality audio signal, a variety of convenient operations and stylish exterior design together. The brand-new high-sensitivity detachable stereo microphone contributes a lot to the excellent recording quality.

The Olympus DS series recorder is not only a simple recording tool, but also a good assistant used in proof, interview, conference, lecture, negotiation, concert and many other occasions. Other products in this series include DS-40, DS-75 and DS-150.

In addition, Olympus VN-712 digital voice recorder, Olympus DM-650 recorder and Olympus DM-20 recorder are not uncommon in life.

Voice recorder file is missing:

Case 1: an important voice recorder file (audio file or video file) may be deleted mistakenly from Olympus digital voice recorder due to two reasons:

  1. One is that you press the wrong button when managing files in Olympus digital recorder.
  2. The other is that you made a mistake in distinguishing the target file needing to be deleted, so you deleted a useful file.

In this case, you can’t find the deleted items in the recycle bin. Therefore, you must take actions immediately to recover the permanently deleted files as much as possible.

Case 2: all the media files recorded in Olympus voice recorder will be lost if you format the memory card by mistake. In this case, recovering lost data and files from Olympus voice recorder becomes a must do. You should read this post before recovering files from a formatted SD Card, Micro SD Card, CompactFlash CF Card and SDHC:

Want To Recover Formatted SD Card – SEE How To Do It
Want To Recover Formatted SD Card – SEE How To Do It

This is written to help users recover formatted SD card when they find valuable data are lost due to wrong SD card formatting.

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Two: Olympus digital camera.

Digital camera is another important type of product produced by Olympus. In 2002, the global sale of Olympus digital camera – CAMEDIA series is more than 10 million units, which fully demonstrates Olympus’ strong influence on the market.

The E-510 appeared on the market in June 2007; its body includes the so-called Image Stabilization, which is a CCD floating anti-shake mechanism driven by ultrasonic motor. Hence, Olympus becomes the third manufacturer using anti-shake countermeasure after SONY and Pentax.

As the world’s giant in the field of camera, Olympus reaches a brilliant performance in 2001 – the global sale of μ series cameras is over 20 million units. Also in China, Olympus has firmly stood on the position of “the first national sales civilian camera” for eight consecutive years.

Olympus cooperates with Canon in 1983. A series of video recording devices named “Olympus Video Photography” are produced by JVC and even the famous photographer Terance Donovan is hired to promote the product. The second version of that system is released in the next year, but this is Olympus’ last foray into consumer video device market until the popularity of digital camera.

Photos get lost:

Case 1: you may have formatted the SD card on Olympus digital camera and lose significant photo files due to 2 reasons:

  1. You perform the formatting unintentionally.
  2. You forget about the significant files.

In this case, you must struggle to recover photos from the formatted Olympus SD card.

Case 2: you run into the error message – card cannot be accessed. In this case, you must rescue your precious photos from it without any delay.

In addition to the digital camera, which is one of the most famous products of Olympus, this company has also made brilliant achievements in the field of imaging solution products (such as microscopes, medical instruments, traditional cameras, digital cameras and printers) and high-tech life engineering.

Other Common Products


Olympus has a history of camera and lens design. The real first innovative Olympus camera is the PEN model in 1959. It is a very compact and lightweight half-frame camera. Among which, the half-frame means 72 18 × 24mm format photos can be took on a roll of standard 36-film.

Unlike its competitors, Olympus didn’t enter the AF (Auto Focus) market, resulting in AF SLR market fall behind. Right now, Olympus has become a leader among digital camera manufacturers. It is the designer for open specification Four Thirds System and digital SLR camera. E system is made based on this specification.

Medical facility:

In 1950, Olympus was the first company to realize the practical application of gastroscopy throughout the world. Afterwards, Olympus has always focused on “peace and safety”, constantly striving to pursue new products for reducing the burden on patients and it has finally made contribution to achieving the best health care.

Olympus medical business area is committed to providing product support for the entire medical field. The products covering digestive endoscopy, surgical endoscopy, endoscopic surgical instrument, ultrasonic endoscopy, overall solution to minimally invasive surgical and business support system, which aims at improving the efficiency of medical institution.

All in all, Olympus has made great achievements in improving medical technology and public health awareness. The following products can also be found in daily life easily:

  • Census car
  • Gastrointestinal health network
  • Commonweal salon
  • Brand-new multi-photon scanning microscope

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Files stored in the Olympus product, such as digital voice recorder and digital camera, may get lost due to a lot of reasons. When that really happens to you, it is no use losing your temper or feeling sorry; the only right thing to do is actually starting the Olympus file recovery as soon as you can by using a professional data recovery tool. Of course, you must be careful enough when performing actions to the Olympus storage device with missing files in order to avoid secondary damage.

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