MiniTool Power Email Recovery for Outlook Express

Free email recovery software owns the following excellent features:

  • Recover deleted .dbx emails from Outlook Express quickly.
  • Be able to scan emails stored on all hard disk partitions.
  • Bring no damage to emails in the process of scanning. Safer and more reliable.
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Powerful functional modules

  • "Save" - After you select the emails you like to recover from message list view, you could simply click "Save" button to save the selected emails.
  • "Load DBX files" - Load external *.dbx files (Outlook Express data file) from any drive. This function could let you recover any dbx files from any media.
  • "Search DBX files" - Search dbx files from your hard drive or any path. The searched files will be added to Tree View.
  • "Help" - Launch this help file.
  • "Register" - Register your copy of Power Email Recovery for Outlook Express.

Simple email recovery process

Click the module "Search DBX files…"→ enter this module → start scanning emails → select and check emails which need recovering from scanned emails→ click "Save" to save recovered emails.

Preview effect

After finding deleted emails, users can preview specific content of emails from the area of Email message preview panel.

Scan emails flexibly

When searching emails with free email recovery software, users can choose all partitions or manually choose specific partitions of the hard disk to scan. Of course, they can also click "Browse" button to choose folders or partitions to scan.

Simple operations

This free email recovery software adopts visual and beautiful interface and owns strong interactivity. In addition, operations are quite simple so that users can enjoy a relaxed and happy email recovery process.

Service System

  • Telephone support service: in order to help users solve problems in time, the company sets up customer service hotline, and technicians can help solve difficult problems.
  • Email support service: provide email service which can respond quickly and help solve problems timely.