MiniTool Mobile Data Recovery for Android

User Manual

Main Interface


1. After launching MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, click "Interface Introduction 1" button to enter into the register window for a register.

Interface Introduction 2

Introduction to the Function Buttons on the Main Interface

Interface Introduction 3

1. Interface Introduction 4, Interface Introduction 5: register button, click to register.

2. Interface Introduction 6, Interface Introduction 7: upgrade button, click to check for updates online.

3. Interface Introduction 8, Interface Introduction 9: email button, click to offer a feedback.

4. Interface Introduction 10: purchase button, click to buy a license code for a register.

5. Interface Introduction 11: tutorial button, click to get help documents.

6. Interface Introduction 12: about button, click to view the information of the software.

7. Interface Introduction 13: menu button, click to perform many operations, such as "Tutorial", "Purchase", "License", "Check for Updates" and "About".

Interface Introduction 14

Driver Software Installation

  • Run MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, then you will receive a dialog box asking you to install driver software.

    Interface Introduction 15

  • If you ignore driver software installation and go for "Recover from Phone", MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will send out another message saying "No drive detected, please follow the guide to install", and pop up the software installation window again. To avoid these prompt messages and use "Recover from Phone", you need to accept driver software installation. Note that "Recover from SD-Card" is free from these interruptions.

    Interface Introduction 16

    By pressing "Install", you will receive "Driver installed successfully" message after a while.

    Interface Introduction 17

    By pressing "Don't Install", you will receive "Driver installation failed" message immediately.

    Interface Introduction 18

  • Driver software downloading: if your PC meets the following conditions, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will automatically detect and download the latest software driver when you run it.

    a). Your PC is online;
    b). Your PC hasn't been equipped with software driver provided by MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android;
    c). The local compressed software driver is inconsistent with the latest version on server.

    Interface Introduction 19

    During the process of driver software downloading, you are allowed to cancel the operation. By hitting "Cancel" button, you'll see "Are you sure to cancel? You won't get the latest driver if you click Yes". Once you confirm cancel, the dialog box for local driver installation appears.

    Interface Introduction 20

Scan Android Device

1. Launch MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, click "Recover from Phone" module, and then you can choose to recover data from your Android device.

Interface Introduction 22

2. Connect your Android device to PC via USB cable, and then MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will automatically detect the connected device.

Interface Introduction 23

3. Here you will be prompted to enable USB debugging mode. You can view the corresponding tutorials to enable your USB debugging mode according to your Android version.

Interface Introduction 24

4. If it is the first time your Android device is connected to the PC, your PC needs USB debugging authorization. It is suggested to check "Always allow from this computer" to avoid authorization next time.

Interface Introduction 25

5. If your phone hasn't been rooted, it will enter the following interface. Then click "How to root?" to get root method.

Interface Introduction 26

6. Next go to "Device Ready to Scan" interface. Here are two scan modes:
  • Quick scan: Quick Scan will scan your device in a fast way, but it only supports recovering deleted contacts, short messages and call records.
  • Deep scan: Deep Scan will scan the entire device so that more files could be recovered. Note that this mode may cost more time, please patiently.

After selecting data you want to scan, click "Next" button to start a scan analysis.

Interface Introduction 27

7. Then you will enter into analysis interface. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is analyzing data on Android device. Please wait patiently. After finishing analyzing, this tool will start to scan your device.

Interface Introduction 28

8. Now you are in the scan interface. During the process of scan, you can click "STOP" button to stop the scan. If you do this, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android only can load the current data. So you'd better finish the scan to find out more data.

Interface Introduction 29

9. Click Interface Introduction 30 button to only show deleted data.
Click Interface Introduction 31 to show all data (the mode is set by default).
Click Interface Introduction 21 button to show data according to the folder classification.
Click Interface Introduction 32 button to go back to the main interface.
Click Interface Introduction 33 to recover selected data.

Interface Introduction 34

Scan SD Card

1. Launch MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android and then click "Recover from SD-Card" to restore data from SD card.

Interface Introduction 35

2. Connect SD card to computer via card reader, and click "Next" to continue. If there is no SD card or this software cannot recognize the inserted SD card, the "Next" button is grayed out.

Interface Introduction 36

3. Select the SD card you want to recover its data and then click "Next" button.

Interface Introduction 37

4. Now, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will analyze SD card.

Interface Introduction 38

5. After analyzing SD card, this software will automatically scan the data saved in the card.

6. In the scanning interface, you can click "STOP" button if you have found desired data. However, you had better wait until this software finds all data.

Interface Introduction 39

7. Interface Introduction 40: only display the deleted items.
Interface Introduction 41: all files are shown under this default mode.
Interface Introduction 42: show files according to folder.
Interface Introduction 43: click "Back" to go back to the main interface.
Interface Introduction 44: click "Recover" to restore all checked data.

Interface Introduction 45