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What Is HDMI over Ethernet?

HDMI over Ethernet (also known as HDMI over IP) is a technology that transfers HD video signals via existing Ethernet cables. It can be applied in a lot of setups including one-to-multiple distribution, point-to-point extension, as well as video wall processing where video can be scaled from different grid layouts.

Relying on HDMI over Ethernet, video signals can be switched from any source to any screen, which eliminates the traditional CAT-series extenders’ distance limits.

HDMI over Ethernet Applied Situations

As for how to use HDMI over Ethernet and when to use HDMI over Ethernet, look at the following cases.

Multicasting HDMI

Multicasting HDMI enables you to distribute audio and video to any screen on a signage network. A single transmitter can transfer multimedia to numerous displays without running dedicated video links from a back room to displays in lobbies.

Through combining USB extenders, matrix and video extension solutions, as well as video and peripheral extension and switching, users can have endless configurations for their apps like touch-interactive signage displays and info and wayfinding displays in public office, retail, education, etc.

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Video Matrix Switching

A video matrix switch is a kind of switch connecting multiple inputs to multiple outputs. It is also known as a cross-point switch or crossbar switch that can be configured to combine supported types and numbers of inputs and outputs.

Every input on the switch can be routed to any output source or receiver; the same input can be routed to all outputs; or any combination in between. That avoids the requirement to move cables to display video from different sources on different screens manually, which is generally applied with HDMI video nowadays.

Within a video matrix switching setup, users are able to switch multiple digital or analog sources to multiple digital displays in any combination. From that, HDMI signals can be amplified and routed from several video sources to various display devices and speakers easily.

Video Wall Processing

An IP-based controller app can be applied to turn any video distribution setup into an AV matrix switching or even video wall control setup that allows you to place any content from any source to any display.

When multiple AV receivers are combined into a video wall, people can remotely create presets, control content, as well as specific content sections. The mobile support enables users to access and activate presets from a cell phone or tablet device.

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Products Adopt HDMI over Ethernet

The following are some popular products that take advantage of HDMI over Ethernet technology.

  • HDMI to Ethernet adapters
  • Ethernet to HDMI splitters
  • HDMI extender over Ethernet
  • Ethernet to HDMI converters/scalers
  • HDMI KVM extenders
  • HDMI over Ethernet switches
  • HDMI to IP encoders and decoders / HDMI to IP streamers

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