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Even the most experienced writers can make mistakes in writing. With a smart free grammar checker tool to help you check your spelling and grammar in sentences, you can save much effort to make a brilliant writing.

This post introduces 6 best free grammar checker for Word, Google, etc. Some easy-to-use free online grammar corrector are also listed for your reference.

6 Best Free Grammar Checker for Word, Google, etc.


This is a very popular free grammar check tool used by many people. You can use it to check and correct your English text grammar, spelling, punctuation, misused words, sentence structure errors, etc. Grammarly runs a sophisticated AI system to analyze English sentences, and make corrections or suggestions to context.

Grammarly lets you check grammar mistakes online. You can add Grammarly to Chrome as a free browser extension to check your writing on any website like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc.

Grammarly for Microsoft Word and Outlook is also available for download to help you write better and clearer Word documents. You can also download Grammarly app for desktop or mobile for writing checking.

Microsoft Editor

Microsoft recently released a new Microsoft Editor for Word, Outlook, Chrome and Edge browser. This free grammar checker software supports checking grammar and spelling in writing in 20+ languages. It can also analyze and check the writing readability and similarity.

You can download Microsoft Editor for Word/Outlook desktop and web, or add Microsoft Editor extension to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to help with the spelling and grammar check.

Ginger Grammar Checker

This free spell and grammar checker helps you write better and correct English texts. It uses patent-pending technology to correct grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and misused words in sentences. It can even offer suggestions for alternative sentence structures. Ginger Grammar Checker is available on the desktop, on the web, and on all your mobile devices.

Scribens Grammar Checker

This free sentence grammar and spelling checker can correct over 250 types of common English grammar and spelling mistakes. It also provides detailed statistics on your texts like word, sentence, and paragraph count. You can also the Scribens grammar checker extension to Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac), Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft 365, etc. You can integrate Scribens to your website for grammar check.

Reverso Grammar Checker

This free grammar check tool enables you to correct most English grammar and spelling mistakes. You can also add Reverso to Chrome to check your writing on the web.


This free sentence checker allows you to check writing in more than 20 languages like English, German, French, etc. You can also install the Chrome extension of this free grammar corrector to check your grammar and spelling on websites.

Top Free Online Grammar Checkers

If you want a free grammar check online tool, you can try: Grammarly, Ginger Grammar Checker, Scribens Grammar Checker, GrammarCheck, Reverso Grammar Checker, LanguageTool, Virtual Writing Tutor, Grammarix, Free Grammar Check, GradeMiners Grammar Check, Sentence Checker, etc.

Free Grammar Checker FAQ

What is the best free grammar checker?
Grammarly, Ginger Grammar Checker, Microsoft Editor are good choices.
Is this correct grammar checker free?
Many grammar checker tools are free. You can choose a preferred one.
How can I check if a sentence is grammatically correct?
There are some free sentence checker tools out there to help you automatically check sentence grammar and spelling errors.
How do I check my grammar on Google?
Most grammar corrector tools listed in this post can be also added to Google Chrome as extensions to help you check grammar mistakes.
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