Does Blizzard have a launcher? How to free download Blizzard launcher and install it on your Windows 10 PC or Mac? See this post from MiniTool and you can find what you should do to play games via this platform.

Blizzard Entertainment offers an online game, social networking service, and digital distribution platform. Via it, you can download various games for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. When reading here, you may ask: does Blizzard have a launcher to download? Of course, this company offers the desktop app for Windows PC and Mac, as well as the mobile app for iOS and Android.

The Blizzard launcher allows you to install, patch, and open all games from one app. This is very convenient. Well, how to free download Blizzard launcher for your device? See the guide here now.

Blizzard Launcher Download Windows 10, Mac, iOS & Android Download/Install for PC & Mac

As mentioned above, there is a desktop app that is available on your Windows PC and Mac. To get this desktop app, try these steps:

Step 1: Visit the page of App.

Step 2: Click the button of Download for Windows to get the file.

Blizzard launcher download PC

To install Blizzard launcher on your Windows 10 PC, see the guide:

Step 1: double-click on the .exe file you have downloaded and click Run to go on.

Step 2: Choose a language and go on by clicking Continue.

Step 3: Specify an installation location by clicking Change. By default, it is C:/Program Files (x86)/ To run this app on startup, check the box of Launch when you start your computer. Then, click Continue and the installation process is starting. installation


If you want to uninstall from your PC, go to Control Panel, click Uninstall a program from Programs, then right-click on and click Uninstall/Change.

If you want to use Blizzard launcher on your Mac, click the link of MacOS, tap on® Desktop App, and click Mac to get the folder. Then, extract files from this .zip folder via a professional tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip. Then, use the setup file to install this desktop app on your Mac.

Blizzard launcher download Mac

After the installation, you need to log in to this app. If you don’t have an account, create a new one and sign in. Then, you can download some games and play them on this platform.


According to users, sometimes launcher download is slow when downloading a game. How to make download faster? Refer to our previous article to find ways - Download Slow When Downloading a Game? Try 6 Fixes.

Blizzard Launcher Download Android & iOS

In terms of launcher download for Android and iOS, you need to go to the corresponding app store. For Android, open Google Play, search for, and install it. For iOS, visit Apple App Store, search for, and install this app.

Can’t Install the App on PC

After getting the app download and installing this app on your Windows PC, sometimes you may encounter a failure. What if you are unable to install Blizzard launcher?

  1. Power cycle your connection hardware since cached data in your modem or router may cause the installation failure.
  2. Update or temporarily uninstall any antivirus program that may block from installing>
  3. Use antivirus software to remove any viruses and malware attacks.
  4. Close all the background apps via Task Manager to remove any software conflicts.
  5. Create a new administrator account.

Final Words

That’s all the information about Blizzard launcher download & install on your Windows 10 PC, Mac, iOS, and Android device. Just follow the given instructions to install this app for use. Hope you can play games smoothly on the app.

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