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If you want to buy the cheap Windows 10 keys, you'd better not. They could be illegal and they may not work normally. This post will show you more information about the cheap Windows 10 keys and you are advised to buy legal keys. Now, get these details from the MiniTool website.

On the Internet, some websites say users can buy original Windows 10 keys for a cheap price from them. How do these websites get the cheap Windows 10 keys? Are these keys legal and safe? Can these keys really work? The following part will show you these aspects of cheap Windows 10 keys. 

Windows 10 is available in the Microsoft store for about $199 for Windows 10 Pro and $139 for Windows 10 Home.

Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home

But some websites know which countries have cheap Windows 10 keys. Then they buy some keys for as little as $10 or $20. These Windows 10 keys may seem legitimate, but they are not. 

Microsoft charges different prices for Windows 10 in different countries. There’re reasons Microsoft has different pricing in different countries. These reasons are based on the country's currency strength and other factors. In addition, different countries have different laws on digital purchases. 

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Are Cheap Windows 10 Keys Legit?

It is illegal to purchase cheap Windows 10 keys from such websites. Microsoft doesn’t endorse such keys, and if it finds sites that sell these illegal keys, it will deactivate all such leaked keys in bulk and file a lawsuit against the people behind these websites.

How Do They Sell Windows Keys at Such Low Prices?

If you purchase a cheap Windows 10 key, this key could be keys bought from a country where prices are lower, MAK or KMS keys, OEM keys, used keys, keys for student and other groups, pirated versions, etc. 

However, you need to know that these cheap keys are illegal and you should stay away from them, because these illegal keys could compromise your computer.

Do Cheap Windows 10 Keys Work?

If you buy cheap Windows 10 keys from sites other than Microsoft and its partner sites, you must make sure the keys are sold legally. 

Microsoft clearly shows you which sites are their partners and which are legal. Thus, you need to purchase a valid or legitimate Windows 10 license key and buy only from Microsoft or its official partner sites. 

As long as Microsoft doesn't find the cheap key you're using, it can still work. However, if Microsoft finds out the key you are using is illegal, you will receive a message from Microsoft that you may have purchased an illegal key. You can continue to use it after receiving the message, but you can’t use most elements of original software normally. 

Meanwhile, a watermark will show up everywhere saying “This copy of Windows is not genuine.” What’s worse, you might get a legal notice from Microsoft. 

Amazon and eBay also sell low-priced keys, but these keys could or could not be illegal. Someone or entities may sell the original Windows 10 keys on such an e-commerce sites. You must ensure that you have not been tricked into buying an illegal Windows 10 key. 

If the price is much lower than your country's key cost, it's probably a con seller. If you want to buy from these sites, buy from an official Microsoft or its partner account. 

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Bottom Line

The cheap Windows 10 key might not work in the first place, or it might work for a while and then stop working. If you're lucky, it might work for a long time. However, you should be aware that the cheap key you are using may be illegal. 

Thus, it is recommended that you purchase a genuine Windows 10 product key from the Microsoft Store or one of its official partners.

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