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The famous Huawei crackdown has had a huge impact on the China-US relations. Because of that, China decides to drop Microsoft Windows from its military devices and plans to develop a new custom operating system. An important reason for doing this is to improve the security.

The following post talks more on this issue.

Not long ago, Microsoft stopped selling the Huawei MateBook X Pro laptops, the top products developed by Chinese tech giant, in the online store. This makes Washington decides to ban the computer in US. That’s the start of Huawei crackdown.

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Huawei Crackdown Incident

The trade war is starting between China and US and there is no sign of ending in short time. Cybersecurity has been involved in the political mix soon though the steel tariffs regarded as the catalyst for this protectionist policy. Since then, Huawei has been the biggest target/victim. US crackdown on Huawei is obvious; China has no choice but to fight back.

China Prepares to Drop Windows

By looking at the draft of the cybersecurity regulations, you can easily find the fact that the technology imports of US has been blocked because of national security grounds.

  • Washington made a decision lately to stop Huawei equipment from entering its domestic market.
  • Washington tried to put pressure on its European Allies to also ban Huawei.
  • The cybersecurity issues had been put forward.

As a result, news comes out from Epoch Times saying that China is preparing to drop Windows from all its military devices. They’re on the way to develop a new custom operating system for the sake of security; this can “prevent the United States from hacking into China's military network”.

drop Windows

Internet Security Information Leadership Group

The decision of China was reported in a recent Canadian military print publication named Kanwa Asian Defence. The Epoch Times has introduced how the Internet Security Information Leadership Group (ISILG) in China has been created for the purpose of dropping Microsoft Windows from Chinese military.

In fact, the ISILG is a part of People's Liberation Army (PLA). The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gets control over it directly. The United States Cyber Command was also formed similarly; its function is to separate between network security and national security groups and this makes a lot of sense.

Chinese government has a clear understanding of what US can do in the aspect of hacking devices running Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Edward Snowden and other big leaks speak for themselves.

Three facts you should know:

  • China hopes to ban Bitcoin mining.
  • US and China are leading the way in AI globally.
  • Google CEO denied China’s search engine plan.

That explains why China’s government decides to develop the custom operating system and use it to replace current Windows, Mac, and Linux. This will definitely add difficulty for US or other foreign threat actors to spy on the operations of Chinese military.

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develop custom operating system

According to statistics, the programmable logic controller (PLC) developed by German has been applied to 70 percent of the industrial control systems in China till now. The Internet Security Information Leadership Group thinks it pose a huge risk to the national security of China.


Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd was claimed as the national security threat of the United States. US has stopped providing any US-made technologies to it. This has caused two results directly: Huawei lose the future Android support and it can't get any American-made chips. If you are careful enough, you’ll find that the MateBook X Pro developed by Huawei has been removed completely from stores in the US and Microsoft online store. That is to say, there is no sign that the Huawei crackdown and the trade war will end any time soon.

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