Voice control has brought convenience and efficiency to our life, so does Cortana voice commands. From this post, you can learn how to use Cortana voice commands and what Windows 10 voice commands are there.

About Cortana

Nowadays, intelligent voice devices emerge in an endless stream. As an important medium of information, computers are also equipped with built-in voice controls – Cortana. When it works well, it’s a convenient way to conquer tasks quickly.

Cortana, is one of the best digital assistants of Windows 10. Just like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Cortana can perform a variety of functions like check the weather, search for files, open an application, translate words to different languages, etc.

If you’re looking for a complete list of all the voice commands Cortana supports, it is afraid you’ll be disappointed because it doesn’t exist. There is no specific set of instructions to realize these functions because Cortana can understand natural language and context. Just like in our daily life, you can ask Cortana in the same way you talk to your friends.

If you know a few about it, this article can help you well. Don’t miss it!

Download and Install ChatGPT Desktop Application (Win/Mac/Linux)
Download and Install ChatGPT Desktop Application (Win/Mac/Linux)

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How to Control Windows 10 with Your Voice

You need to follow the below steps to turn it on if you haven’t activated Cortana yet:

Step 1. Right click on the Start menu to open Power User Menu, then select Settings.

Step 2. Slide to the bottom and click Cortana.

open Cortana

Step 3. Turn Hey Cortana on to let Cortana respond to your commands. In Keyboard shortcut, you can set shortcut Shift + Win Key + C to open Cortana in listening mode.

turn on Hey Cortana

set shortcut

Step 4. Click the microphone icon in the taskbar next to the Start menu to open Cortana. Then, we can use Windows 10 voice commands. For instance: Will it rain in Los Angeles today?

Basic Cortana Voice Commands

Getting the time for any place

  • “What time is it?”
  • “What time is in (place name)?” Ex.: “What time is in Brooklyn” or “What time is in New York?”

Getting weather information for any place

  • “How’s/What’s the weather like?”
  • “When does the sun set?”
  • “How’s the weather looking for tomorrow/next week?”
  • “What’s the weather in (place name)?” Ex.: “What’s the weather in Paris?” or “What’s the weather in Charlotte?”
  • “Is it cold in (place name)?” Ex.: “Is it hot in Cleveland?”

Opening applications and websites

  • “Open/Go to (app name).” Ex.: “Go to MiniTool ShadowMaker” or “Open This PC.”
  • “Open/Go to (name of site.com).” Ex.: “Open apple.com.”

Calculate math

  • “What’s (number) times (number)?” Ex.: “What’s 13 times 14?”
  • “How many miles in (number) Kilometers?” Ex.: “How many miles in 20Kilometers?”
  • “What’s (percentage) of (money)?” Ex.: “What’s 30% or $175.86?”
  • “What’s the square root of (number)?” Ex.: “What the square root of 625?”
  • “What’s (number) times (number) divided by (number)?” Ex.: “What’s 4 times 5 divided by 2?”
  • “Convert (number) cups to fluid ounces.” Ex.: “Convert 4.9 cups to fluid ounces.”

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Bottom Line

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