Digital Video (DV) is a kind of digital video format created by video camera producers. This format is used in many popular digital cameras and video recorders. What if you delete DV files by mistake? Can you recover deleted DV files? This post from MiniTool shows you a practical way.

What Is DV File Format

Before starting to recover deleted DV files, I’d like to briefly introduce you to the DV file format.

DV, put forward by Sony and Panasonic in 1995, saves files in a standard raw format. DV files are welcome in the professional video production and editing process as this format uses intraframe compression to save files, allowing you to change one frame independently without affecting the others.

Do you know how to open DV files? You can get assistance from several players like CyberLink PowerDVD, Mplayer, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, and more. Additionally, considering most cameras record in MP4, AVHD, MOV, and other types of formats nowadays, you can also convert the DV file format into these widely used formats.

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It is easy to lose DV files if you store them on magnetic tapes, making it difficult to repair and recover lost DV files. Thus, you are highly suggested to back up DV files to your computer, USB drive, or other data storage devices.

You can use professional backup software, like MiniTool ShadowMaker, to securely and effectively back up DV files. This free backup software supports you to back up files, folders, partitions, and disks to any device you want. You can try the Trial edition to experience backup features and back up files for free in a 30-day trial.

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How to Recover Deleted DV Files

What if your DV files are lost from your computer or other devices? Can you get them back? The answer is definitely yes. You can make a DV file recovery easily with the following guidance.

Method 1: Recover from Recycle Bin

If you save DV files on your computer, external hard drive, or cloud storage device, you can recover deleted DV files from the Recycle Bin conveniently.

>> Stored on the Computer

Click on the Recycle Bin icon on the Desktop > look through the file list to find the wanted DV file > right-click on it > choose Restore from the context menu.

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>> Stored on an External Hard Drive

You can also retrieve deleted files from the Recycle Bin on an external hard drive. Try to find the deleted DV file with the next steps.

Open File Explorer > change to the View tab > tick Hidden items > open your external hard drive to find and open the $RECYCLE.BIN folder > find the needed DV file > click Restore to get it back.

>> Stored on Cloud Storage

Here I will take OneDrive as an example to show you how to recover deleted DV files from OneDrive Recycle Bin.

Go to the official sign-in page of OneDrive to log into your account > click Recycle Bin on the left pan > check the DV file you want to recover > click on Restore.

recover from OneDrive

Method 2: Recover with MiniTool Power Data Recovery

If you can’t find the wanted DV file from the Recycle Bin, you can try to find it with the reliable data recovery tool, MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This free file recovery software helps to recover documents, videos, pictures, audio, and other types of files. Furthermore, you can choose to scan a specific location where the lost files are located to shorten the scanning time to a large extent.

The DV file format is considered to be an ancient format nowadays. If you have converted DV files to other video formats, you can try this powerful software to restore them. You can check the supported video format from this page.

You can try the free edition to scan and find the wanted file and use practical features to narrow down the file list or quickly locate the file with its name.

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recover files
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Bottom Line

This is all about how to recover deleted DV files. You can try the above methods to get the DV files back. For easy viewing as well as recovery, you are highly suggested to convert the DV files to other formats. Hope this post gives you some inspiration.

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