You must use fast charging every day but what will you do when fast charging not working on iPhone/Android? If your phone is also charging at a very low speed, you can seek detailed instructions on this post from MiniTool Website. Without any delay, let’s dive right in now!

Fast Charging Not Working Android/iPhone

Fast charging is one of the greatest features in the digital era. It allows you to charge phones in a very short time and then use your phones for hours. However, you might be frustrated when fast charging not working. Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll try our best to provide effective fixes for you.

How to Fix Fast Charging Not Working iPhone/Android?

Fix 1: Enable Fast Charging Settings

Sometimes, you may disable this feature by accident so you should check if you enable it. The instructions are very simple, just go to Settings > Battery > turn on Fast cable charging.

Fix 2: Close All Apps

Any apps working in the background when charging will slow down the charging process. To avoid fast charging not working in this condition, you had better close all active apps and enable Power Saving Mode.

Fix 3: Clear Cache

Fast charging is closely associated with your system performance and corrupted cached data not only drains your battery but also will have a bad impact on your system. You can clear the cache on your phone regularly.

Step 1. Go to Settings > App management > App list.

Step 2. In the app list, choose the app you want to clear cache for and hit Storage usage.

Step 3. Press Clear data and Clear cache.

click Clear data and Clear cache

Fix 4: Change a USB Cable

Your USB cable may become problematic because it undergoes much stress from twisting, bending and something like that in daily life. Although it still can charge your phone, the speed is pretty slow. To fix fast charging not working caused by a faulty USB cable, you need to buy a new one.

Fix 5: Clean the Charging Port

If none of the methods above doesn’t work out for you, you need to clean the charging port. Check if there are some dust, debris and other particles near the charging port.

Fix 6: Disable Mobile Data and Wi-Fi

Connecting Wi-Fi or mobile data will also slow down the fast charging speed because this will drain your battery. Therefore, you must disconnect your phone from an internet connection. Turning on Airplane mode will also help to fix fast charging not working.

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Fix 7: Update Your Phone

There might be a bug which interferes with the process of fast charging in your system. As a result, you must check if there are any available updates.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Software update.

hit Software update

Step 2. If you see any message that informs you to update your phone, just click it and start to update your phone.

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