Microsoft has tried its best to fix the Windows 10 October Update related problems. Meanwhile, it works hard on bringing changes and updates to its new OS updates in order to improve the overall user experience. The adding of AVIF image support in Windows 10 will be a wonderful change.

AVIF, also known as AOMedia Video 1/AV1, is actually a royalty-free and open video coding format. It is said that this AVIF image format is mainly designed for transmitting videos over the internet.

Just Enjoy the AVIF Image Support in Windows 10

Microsoft will not ignore the small things while it is studying on the major new features for Windows 10. The AVIF image format is not supported natively in the previous Windows 10 versions. Yet, Microsoft decides to include AVIF image support in Windows 10 19H1, which is scheduled to release in the spring of 2019. By then, the core applications – File Explorer and MS Paint – will finally give support for AVIF images.

AVIF image support

As a new kind of image file format, the AVIF is indeed designed on the basis of AV1, which is a newer video format. It is released by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). After research, I have found mainly two things:

  1. The AVIF is compressed by the open source and royalty free AV1 encoding.
  2. The AVIF images are stored in the HEIF file format.

According to Microsoft, in the new Windows 10 19H1, only the File Explorer and MS Paint will give support for AVIF images. However, this support will be expanded to other applications in Windows 10 through an API.

Display the AVIF Images in Windows 10

First of all, you need to update your operating system to the latest 19H1 version, which can be obtained easily from the Windows Insider program.

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Besides, to support the AVIF images on Windows 10, you have to install the AV1 Video Extension from the Microsoft Store. In this way, you can play the AV1 videos on any Windows 10 devices.

How to add AV1 video playback support in Windows 10?

Windows File Explorer and MS Paint

As I have mentioned in the content above, Windows File Explorer and MS Paint will be the first two applications that will support the AVIF image format. In this part, I’ll tell more details on them.

Compare File Explorer & Paint to the Older Version

In Windows 10 October 2018 Update or an older version, you are not allowed to display the AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) in File Explorer and Paint apps.

AVIF image file in Windows File Explorer.

  • Past: when you add/drag/import an AVIF image to the File Explorer, you’ll find it is unable to generate a thumbnail for the AVIF image format.
  • Now: the File Explorer is able to show the AVIF thumbnails easily. Besides, it can help to display the Exif metadata and preview AVIF images.

AVIF image file in MS Paint.

  • Past: when you want to open an AVIF image in the Paint app, an error will occur to stop you. The error says: “Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported.”
  • Now: as long as you drag an AVIF image into the Paint app in Windows 10 19H1, this image will be displayed immediately and clearly.

Recent Changes in File Explorer

Besides, I’d like to introduce some main changes that have been brought to the new version of File Explorer.

  • Add a new cut option.
  • Give support to Drag and drop.
  • The support for right-click menu is optimized.
  • The copy/paste system is greatly improved.
  • It’s convenient to set images as wallpaper from the app.
  • The location of the UI buttons has been changed from bottom to the top.

There’s one more thing: Microsoft is working on configuring the toggle in build 19H1 to allow people to turn on/off Dark Mode conveniently.

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