What is the purpose of a SharePoint site? How to create a SharePoint site in Office 365? MiniTool gives you a step-by-step guide that focuses on creating a SharePoint site to let your organization share files, communicate, and work together on projects from a secure place.

Why Create a SharePoint Site?

As a website-based collaboration system, SharePoint allows organizations to safely share data and customize sites for seamless collaboration. SharePoint is integrated with Microsoft 365 and it can also be used for document storage and management.

Via SharePoint, organizations can create their own Intranet (internal website) and teams can create and add additional web parts (regarding the document library) to save multiple types of content.

For a unique business function or purpose, creating a new site is necessary. For example, HR documents need a separate site, finance documents also need their own site, etc. The SharePoint sites become a container to organize relevant information.

Then, how to create a new SharePoint site? Follow the step-by-step guide below.

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How to Create a SharePoint Site in Office 365

It is not difficult to do this work and here we will show you how to create a team site or communication site and a classic site.

Create a Team/Communication Site

How to create a site in SharePoint? Follow steps below:

Step 1: Go to the SharePoint admin center – sign in to Office 365 (www.office.com) with a school or work account, click the App Launcher icon > Admin and choose SharePoint from Admin centers.

Step 2: Expand Sites and go to the Active sites page.  Click the icon of Create to go on.

Step 3: If you want to create a private space to collaborate with your team, choose Team site. This creates a Microsoft 365 group-connected team site.

If you want to share information that engages and informs viewers, choose to create a communication site. This can help to create portals or subject-specific sites and publish dynamic & beautiful content to persons in your organization.

create a SharePoint site

Step 4: Enter a site name. if needed, you can enter a description.


You can click Edit to enter your group email address or site address. For a team site, you need to set privacy settings – Public or Private. If needed, select a default language for your site.

Step 5: Add additional owners and members. Next, click Finish. Then, a new SharePoint site will be created in seconds.  For a team site, a Microsoft 365 group will be also created.

Create a Classic Site

You are allowed to create a classic site using a template. See how to create a new site in SharePoint in this way:

Step 1: In the SharePoint admin center, go to Active sites, click Create and then choose Other options.

create a classic site in SharePoint

Step 2: Click More template under Choose a template.

Step 3: Enter a site name in the Title box. Then go to the Web Site Address section, select a domain name and a URL path like /sites/, and type a URL name. Next, choose a language and a template from the Template Selection part.

create site collection

Step 4: Choose the time zone and finish some other settings – Administrator, Storage Quota, and Server Resource Quota.

Step 5: Click OK.

After finishing creating a SharePoint site, you can add a list or document library, use filters to modify what you see, add a page, and add a web part. To know details, refer to the help document of Create a site in SharePoint from Microsoft.

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Final Words

How to create a SharePoint site in Office 365? After reading this post, you know how to create a team/communication site and create a classic site. Just choose one category based on your organization’s need to create.

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