Microsoft introduces new Widgets settings in Windows 11 Insider preview build 25211 and the later builds. However, you may need to manually enable the new settings for Widgets. In this post, MiniTool Software will show you how to enable the new Widgets settings on Windows 11.

Windows 11 Widgets Gets New Settings (in the Insider Preview Builds)

Microsoft introduces many new features in Windows 11. Widgets is one of the new features. Initially, it is just a small panel on which you can make your favorite apps and services to be displayed. Microsoft has made some changes now. For example, you can enable Widgets full-screen mode in the Insider preview build of Windows 11 in the Dev Channel. In addition, the new Widgets settings are available since Windows 11 Insider preview build 25211.

If the new settings are not ready on your Windows 11 computer, you can force enable the new feature using ViVeTool. In this post, we will show you a full manual.

How to Enable the New Widgets Settings on Windows 11?

ViVeTool is an open-source tool to help you enable, disable, and manager the hidden features on your Windows 11 computer. It is not preinstalled on your device. You need to manually download ViVeTool from

After getting this tool, you can run specified commands to enable the new Widgets settings on Windows 11.

Step 1: Go to the ViVeTool download page to download the latest version of ViVeTool on your Windows 11 PC.

Step 2: The downloaded file is a zipped folder. You need to unzip it and remove that folder to C drive.

Step 3: Open the folder and copy the path of it from the top address bar in File Explorer.

Step 4: Run Command Prompt as administrator.

Step 5: Run cd [the path of the ViVeTool folder] in Command Prompt. For example, I run cd C:\ViVeTool-v0.3.2 in Command Prompt on my computer.

Step 6: Type vivetool /enable /id:38652916 and press Enter to run this command. When this command runs completely and successfully, you will see the following prompt:

ViVeTool v0.3.2 – Windows feature configuration tool

Successfully set feature configuration(s)

Step 7: Restart your Windows 11 computer.

How to Disable Full-Screen Widgets on Windows 11?

If you want to disable the new Widgets settings on your Windows 11 computer, you also need to use ViVeTool:

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator.

Step 2: Run cd [the path of the ViVeTool] in Command Prompt.

Step 3: Type vivetool /disable /id:38652916 into Command Prompt and press Enter to run this command.

Step 4: Restart your PC.

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Bottom Line

The new Widgets settings are still in test in the Windows 11 Insider preview builds. Microsoft is trying to make it become much better. This new feature should be released to all Windows 11 users in the future. Should you have other related issues, you can let us know in the comments.

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