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how to unblock someone on Discord

You can learn how to unblock or block someone on Discord desktop or mobile app in this tutorial. MiniTool software, not only provides computer tips and solutions, but also has some professional software for users, e.g. free data recovery software, free disk partition manager, free video editor, free video converter, free video downloader, etc.

Discord is a gaming chat app that allows gamers to chat with other people all over the world. If you want to block someone on Discord and prevent them from sending you direct messages, or unblock someone to start chatting with them again, you can check the detailed guides below.

How to Unblock Someone on Discord – 4 Ways

Generally you can use the two ways to unblock someone on Discord. After you unblock someone, you can read their messages again in any server you share, and message them directly.

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Method 1. Unblock someone on Discord with Discord desktop app

  • You can find one of the messages of that person in a server you share.
  • If someone is blocked by you, all their messages are hidden behind “Blocked Message – Show Message”. You can click Show Message to display the message.
  • After you reveal the message, the username of that person will also be displayed. You can right-click on his/her username and click Unblock in the menu list.

After this, the target person is unblocked on Discord and you can chat with him/her again.

Method 2. Unblock someone on Discord with the mobile app of Discord

  • Still, you can find one of the messages of the target person in a server you share.
  • The message of the blocked people is hidden behind a “Blocked Message” label. You can tap Blocked Message to reveal the blocked message.
  • After the message shows, the username and profile photo of the message sender will be shown. You can tap on the profile photo of the target person to open the profile window.
  • Next you can click the three-dot icon at the upper-right, and tap on Unblock.

If you don’t share a server with the target person or you can find one of their messages, then you can unblock them from the Blocked list.

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Method 3. Unblock someone on Discord desktop app from Blocked list

  • For discord desktop app, click the Home button at the upper-left, and select Friends tab in the left pane.
  • Next click Blocked tab at the top to list all users you blocked.
  • Find the target person you’d like to unblock, right-click her/his name and click Unblock.

Method 4. How to unban someone on Discord mobile app from Blocked list

  • Tap the three-dot icon at the top-right and tap the icon at the bottom that is like someone is waving the hand. This will open the Friends list.
  • Tap Blocked tab, and find the person you’d like to unblock. Swipeleft on the person and tap Unblocked.
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How to Block Someone on Discord

  • If you want to block someone on Discord, you can click the profile name of the target user in Direct Message app.
  • Click the three-dot icon at the upper-right of the user profile window, and click Block option.

After you block the person on Discord, he/she can still see your messages but can’t chat with you on Discord anymore.

Bottom Line

If you want to block or unblock someone on Discord, hope this guide helps.

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