Doxxing is a newly heard name for most people but it silently rages in your online life, even threatening your online security. This article will tell you what doxing is and whether doxxing is illegal? And you can learn how to prevent doxing. For more details, you can find this article on MiniTool Website.

What Is Doxxing?

Doxxing, or doxing, coming from the expression “dropping dox”, is an act of revealing private information of a person or an organization publicly.

Most people put less attention to their online privacy, which makes them susceptible to doxxing attacks. Hackers or other people can easily retrieve specific information about someone and then spread it around the Internet or via some other means of getting it out to the public.

For that revealed information, you are exposed to the Internet environment where online shaming, extortion, and a string of other malicious attacks can happen.

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Is Doxxing Illegal?

Doxxing can be deemed an illegal activity when the information is obtained through some means that has been regarded as a violation of the law, such as hacking.

In other words, doxxing has not been identified as an illegal action. It is hard to take stringent moves to prevent doxxing because much private information that is being exposed is already publicly available online.

And at some point, the target granted an entity the legal right to publish it. Besides, doxxing is primarily done using OSINT, which is publicly available information.

The other reason why it is hard to punish doxxing is that even some journalists and activists who fight hate speech resort to doxxing and legislators refuse to think of doxxing as a specific problem, even though the harm has been caused.

Doxxing is a general concept in which some victims can’t find their road to fight back.

When a judge faces a victim suffering from the similar harm, the judge needs to analyze the specific factors like personal reasons for doxxing, the damage done to the victim, the relationship of the victim and perpetrator, how the information was spread, the intent of doxxing, and so on separately.

Each doxxing must be judged on a case-by-case scenario. But fortunately, with the upgrading consciousness of the Internet surfers, people will attach more importance to privacy protection and countries are working on the development of related legislation.

How to Prevent Doxxing Attack?

Tip 1: Use VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is designed to hide your IP address and encrypt your web traffic. In this way, a doxer cannot be able to use it unless they have the decryption algorithm.

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Tip 2: Be Cautious of Phishing Emails

Think twice before you click on a strange email. If you are asked to enter some private information, you’d better refuse that.

Tip 3: Take Care of Your Social Media Privacy

Many people enjoy showing their life on social media where privacy is left out of the protection of the law. Your photos or locations can involuntarily convey some important information that can put you in danger.

Just take care of what you have issued on your social media and avoid some personal information.

Bottom Line:

Is doxxing illegal? You may have an answer to the question after reading this post. When you enjoy the happy time of surfing, you also need to take care of your privacy. You can follow the above tips to avoid doxing track.

Thanks for your reading.

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