The center console of Tesla starts to get more and more features used on the basis of USB ports: DashCam, Sentry Mode, phone charging, and more. Therefore, it’s getting difficult to have a setup optimized for all of them.

With that in mind, Jeda finally launched the new Tesla Model 3 USB hub as a solution. The seamless use of all those features can be achieved with the help of new Jeda USB hub.

There are more and more features in Tesla Model 3 need to be used through USB ports. So, it becomes quite urgent to find a solution to solve the USB connectivity problems. That’s why Jeda works so hard to develop the Tesla Model 3 USB hub. Finally, the new product: Jeda USB Hub comes out to fix the issue and achieve seamless use of several features.

Jeda USB Hub

Jeda USB Hub: Designed for DashCam, Sentry Mode and More

Why Jeda Decides to Develop the New USB Hub

The Tesla Model 3 USB ports become increasingly important since it is responsible for providing all the data connections into the vehicle infotainment system (MiniTool provides you with the perfect data recovery and file backup solutions). The Dash Camera, USB music capabilities, and USB hubs are popular in the center console since many wireless charging solutions are offered.

Jeda realized the needs for better USB hubs are increasing after they stepped into the world of Tesla accessories by virtue of the Wireless Pad charging mat. As a result, Jeda started to develop new product in order to solve the USB connectivity issues of Tesla owners; an extra security layer is considered to be added to the product for higher safety.

Introduction to the Jeda USB Hub

I will introduce the new Tesla Model 3 USB hub mainly from the following three aspects.

One: 5-in-1 hub with charging.

There are 5 Tesla Model 3 USB ports on the hub, so it allows you to connect five different devices at the same time in order to charge and access data.

  • 2 USB-A connectors on the front.
  • 2 USB-C connectors on the front.
  • 1 USB-A connector inside a special compartment.

You can power the Jeda Wireless pad (Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger) through the 2 USB-A interfaces.

One of the 2 USB-C connectors can help to keep a wired connection on the Jeda Wireless Pad so that you or the passengers can charge phone without wireless charging; the other one can be used by Dashcam and SentryMode.

The special USB-A interface hided in compartment is of course left for music or a game controller.

Many people run into this problem: the USB music is not playing after the USB drive is inserted into the USB port on Tesla. How can you fix this if it happens to you? Please read this page:

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When Tesla USB Music Not Working, How To Fix It

Tesla USB music not working is not a rare problem; plenty of users have reported a series of USB thumb drive issues when using it in the car.

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Two: the compartment for security.

Jeda designed the new USB Hub to fit in the space perfectly. Moreover, it is able to meet the growing needs of Tesla Model 3. A compartment is adopted in the hub for the following purposes:

  • Help users hide their storage device (SSD or USB flash drive).
  • Make the console look minimal.
  • Protect data well in case of any security threat.
  • Prevent others from stealing the storage device in the event of a break-in.


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Three: price.

The amazing Jeda USB Hub is available on now, but it will cost you $79 to buy. This seems to be a formidable hurdle for many people. So Jeda company offers you with some discounts: if you are the Jeda Wireless Pad owner, you can get this hub for $10 off; or you can get the discount by bundling the hub with a new Jeda Wireless Pad.

Undeniably, $79 is too much for a USB hub. However, Jeda has made the Tesla Model 3 USB hub so great and designed it to be a premium product, so the price will get reasonable after you experienced it.

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