When Microsoft tries to increase the Home Use Program benefit, the company is removing Office 2019 from Home Use Program, but it is offering some discounts for Office 2019 customers to buy Office 365 Home or Personal for home use.

Introduction of the Removal of Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft has changed its Home Use Program (HUP) for its Software Assurance business customers, which removed the benefits of running the same Office on a computer that was previously used by enterprise customers at home (previously users could purchase a non-subscription version of Office at a very low discount).

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However, Microsoft offers another option for HUP users: they can purchase Office 365 Home or Personal at a discount for home use.

Microsoft said in an updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document about the program that the goal of updating the Home Use Program is to provide HUP customers with discounts on the latest and most up to date products.

For example, Office 365 is constantly up to date with the advanced version of Office apps on all devices. In addition, the Home Use Program will no longer provide Office Professional Plus 2019 and Office Home and Business 2019.

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However, before this change was made as part of the July product terms, Software Assurance customer could purchase Office 365 Professional Plus (customers can get this version by Office 365 subscription and this version is the core set of Office apps for Windows), or Office Professional Plus 2019, or Office Home and Business 2019 (Windows or Mac small-business users can get this non-subscription Office version) for a discount permitted by HUP Office benefit.

HUP benefit gave each U.S. customers a steeply discounted price of $14.99 for either of the above options. However, after the Microsoft Office 2019 removal, Office 365 Home or Personal can be got by Home Use Program customers at a 30% discount. And the discount for Office 365 Home is about $70 a year, and Office 365 personal is $49.

But if customers want to get this qualification, they are supposed to either have Software Assurance or a certain number of Office 365/Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 licenses (the least number for educational and nonprofit customers and commercial organizations is 2,000).

What’s more, Microsoft also said that customers who may already have got the most benefits from the discounted purchase of Office 2019 or Office Professional Plus 2019 cannot get any discounts according to the FAQ.

However, customers who have purchased Office Professional Plus 2019 or Office Home and Business 2019 at the discounted price on the Home Use Program are still eligible to get a discount to purchase Office 365 Home and Personal plans.

In addition, customers who already got an Office 365 Home or Personal subscription can still get a discount buying Office 365 through the Home Use Program, even if they leave the company.

Although customers can still purchase HUP licenses for Project and Visio, Office 365 Home or Personal subscriptions cover the licenses for the Office products to use at home.

The removal of Microsoft Office 2019 is not surprising because Microsoft is making an attempt to encourage customers to do with subscription plans while not “permanent” versions of Office.

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