What is pointer speed on the Android phone? What is it used for? How to change the pointer speed? What are the differences between pointer speed and mouse acceleration and DPI? Now, read this post from MiniTool to find the answers.

What Is Pointer Speed

What is pointer speed? Pointer speed refers to the sensitivity of the screen when you touch it and perform various activities with your fingers. This is the same concept as a trackball for a mouse on a PC. Adjusting this speed is essential when you are doing something other than regular mobile use.

How to Change the Pointer Speed

How to change the pointer speed? Follow the guide below:

Step 1: Tap the “Menu” option on the home screen of your smartphone. Then, tap the Settings option.

Step 2: Tap the language and keyboard option. Then, scroll down the screen.

Step 3: Tap the pointer speed option and change the sensitivity of the pointer speed.

1. Pulling the sensitivity to the left reduces the speed while pulling the sensitivity to the right increases the speed of the pointer.
2. You need to notice that 50%-60% is the best choice for the user. If you're playing a first-person shooter or FIFA, you may need to increase your pointer speed to match the game environment.

How to Check Pointer Speed on Android Phone

If you have an older Android phone, you can try accessing this secret touchscreen menu by dialing *#*#2664#*#*. This option is not available on Android 5 Lollipop and higher Android devices. For modern Android devices, there is an app in the Google Play Store that allows you to test the touchscreen.

Pointer Speed vs Mouse Acceleration vs DPI

Mouse acceleration is a customization feature of Windows. And it makes the distance your cursor moves follow the speed the actual mouse moves. In other words, the faster you move your mouse, the longer the distance the cursor moves.

DPI is short for Dots Per Inch and it is the measurement of Mouse sensitivity, showing how many pixels your mouse can move when moving it one inch. Usually, the higher DPI is, the faster the pointer speed is, and the higher the mouse sensitivity is.

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Final Words

Here is all the information about pointer speed. You have known what it is and how to change and check it on your phone. Besides, you have known the differences between pointer speed and mouse acceleration and DPI. I hope that this post can be helpful to you.

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