When a running program on your computer is frozen, you can force close it using Task Manager. However, if the frozen program is set as always-on-top, the interface of task Manager will be hidden behind the frozen window. In a situation like this, do you know make Task Manager to be displayed on top? MiniTool Software tells you what you can do to use Task Manager in this post.

Task Manager Hidden Behind Window!

When one of the running programs gets stuck on your computer, you can open Task Manager, select that program, and force end it. This is one of the universal methods to force close a frozen program. But sometimes, you may encounter an issue: Task Manager hidden behind window.

This issue always happens when the frozen program is set as always-on-top. And this is the reason for task manager behind frozen window. You want to force close a frozen program using Task Manger, but you can’t see Task Manager.

What to do if Task Manager hidden behind window? You can try the methods we mentioned in this post and see whether they work to help you out.

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What to Do if Task Manager Is Hidden behind a Frozen Window?

Method 1: Make Task Manager to Be Displayed Always-on-Top

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and then select Task Manager from the screen appears. If possible, you can also right-click the taskbar and then select Task Manager from the right-click menu to open Task Manager.
  2. The interface of Task Manager may be covered by the always-on-top full screen window. This is the issue needs to be fixed. You need to make Task Manager to be shown on top.
  3. Press Alt+Tab to select Task Manager. You still need to hold the Alt key for some seconds to preview Task Manager. This lets you see that state of Task Manager.
  4. If Task Manager is in compact mode, you need to press Alt+D to enable the details mode. While, if you use Task Manager frequently, you will directly open the details mode of Task Manager. Task Manager can remember the last state you have opened it.
  5. Press Alt+O and press Enter to enable Always on top for Task Manager.

enable Always on top for Task Manager

After these steps, Task Manager will appear on the top. Next, you can select the frozen program you want to close and then click the End Task button to force close it.

Method 2: Use a Virtual Desktop

If the frozen program is always on top and you can’t see Task Manager, you can use a virtual desktop to close the frozen program. It is simple to do this:

1. Press Alt+Tab and you can see all your tasks via small preview windows.

2. There is a + New desktop button on the top left corner. You need to click it to create a new virtual desktop.

click New desktop

3. Click the newly created desktop to access it. In this new desktop, no program is running. You can’t see the frozen program on the desktop. But you can kill the frozen program in this desktop.

4. Right-click the taskbar in the virtual desktop and select Task Manager.

5. Select the program you want to close and press the End Task button.

click End Task

These are the things you can do when you can’t see Task Manager because it is hidden behind a frozen window that is always on top. We hope these are the methods you want.

Should you have other related problems, you can let us know in the comments.

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