This essay compares the video call feature in both Windows PCs and Apple products, especially focuses on the Microsoft Teams in Windows 11. Read the below contents created by MiniTool party and find what you want to know.

About Microsoft Teams and Apple FaceTime

Both Teams and FaceTime are video-calling programs that enable users to talk to their friends while seeing each other. Yet, Teams is developed by Microsoft mainly for Windows and Android users. It can also be used in macOS, iOS, and Linux operating systems (OSes) as well as the web version.

FaceTime is developed by Apple Corporation only for Apple products including Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch. It supports Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later versions as well as iOS 4 and later versions.

Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Microsoft gives its Teams app a big upgrade and integrates it in the new Windows 11. You can directly access Teams from the taskbar at the center by default instead of downloading and installing it on your computer when you need it like in Windows 10.

Just click on the icon with a white video logo in a purple chat bubble and enjoy group video conferencing face-to-face; it will be as easy as opening FaceTime on Mac computers. Besides, you are able to enter groups on any devices including Windows PCs, Android phones, Mac machines, iPhones, as well as Linux computers even without a Microsoft account.

Windows 11 Teams

While Teams is originally aimed at commercial use, it is now for both commercial and personal users in Windows 11. Thus, you can make use of it to call not only your colleagues but also your friends or families.

By switching from Skype to a new chat client powered by its Teams program, Microsoft seems to take on the FaceTime of Apple with it. Teams is the default app for users to share messages, files/folders, direct talk, and even texting via SMS. It has replaced the “meet now” feature on Win10.

Windows 11 Teams vs iPhone 13 FaceTime

Microsoft and Apple have been going head-to-head in software since the early days of computing. here, we’d like to discuss competing in the video conference arena. The following are some new features of Teams and FaceTime respectively.

New Features of Teams

  • Support multiple devices and OSes: desktop, laptop, notebook, smartphone; Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Automatically adjust microphone sensitivity.
  • Auto-record meetings
  • Monitor call quality during a meeting
  • Organizers and presenters can spotlight people in a meeting so that their videos or profile pictures are pinned for everyone to see.
Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which Is Better For You
Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which Is Better For You

This page will mainly talk about Microsoft Teams vs Slack. After reading, you’ll know which one is more suitable for your situation.

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New Features of FaceTime

  • Spatial audio makes your calls more comfortable, natural, and lifelike; just like you are sitting in the very same room.
  • Voice isolation distinguishes the target sound from other noises and prioritizes yours, thus making your voice sounds crystal clear.
  • In the wide spectrum, your mic picks up an entire symphony’s worth of sound your voice and everything around you.
  • Grid view gathers everyone in the group call and you can easily see who is talking and the reactions of others.
  • Portrait mode blurs the background and naturally puts the focus on you.
  • By FaceTime links, you can generate a link for a facetime call and share it anywhere. Even people using Android devices can join the call through the link from their web browsers.
  • SharePlay, a powerful new set of features for shared experiences that you can enjoy when you are on a facetime call, such as music, movies, and screen. It can be easily integrated with other apps and is already connected to Twitch, Disney+, Hulu, Tiktok, NBA, Paramount, HBOmax, ESPN+, Pluto tv, etc.

To Wrap Things Up

Both Windows 11 Teams and iPhone 13 FaceTime are excellent video call tools. As for which to choose, it all depends on your own situation and preferences.

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