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Intel has announced two kinds of new solid-state drives which are the Intel Optane DC D4800X SSD and the Intel DC D5-P4326 SSD. Both of these two SSDs come with large hard drive capacity and provides fast read and write speed. This post will show some information on these two Intel SSDs.

A New Intel Optane and A New Intel Enterprise SSD Have Been Released

Intel is a very famous manufacturer around the world, which deserves itself to researching and developing systems, solid-state drives, flash memory and so on. For example, it has released the Intel Optane DC 4800X SSD.

And now, Intel has released two series of new SSDs which are Intel Optane SSD and Intel Enterprise SSD. These two kinds of SSDs are respectively are Intel Optane DC D4800X SSD and Intel DC D5-P4326 SSD. So in the following part, we will introduce some detailed information on these two SSDs.

Intel Optane SSD

Intel Optane DC D4800X SSD

First of all, let’s look at the first one – Intel Optane DC D4800X SSD. This Intel Optane DC D4800X SSD is different from the Intel P4800X SSD because it has added support for dual-port PCIe operation when attached through a PCIe fabric that provides redundant data paths.

Although most Intel NVMe SSDs have adopted the dual-port counterparts, it is the first time to be used on the Intel Optane SSDs.

And this dual-part feature adds redundancy to the data path to provide continuous data access in the event of a failure or service operation and upgrade.

However, the detailed specification of this Intel Optane DC D4800X SSD is unknown. The read and write performance may be constrained a little when just using one of the PCIe 3.0 x2 links, but the random IO throughput of this Intel Optane SSD will be retained.

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Intel DC D5-P4326 SSD

Next, we will introduce the second Intel Enterprise SSD, which is the Intel DC D5-P4326 SSD. This new enterprise Intel DC D5-P4326 SSD comes in large hard drive capacities which contain the 15.36TB and 30.72TB.

Intel claims that the Intel DC D5-P4326 SSD is the first drive in production that comply with the EDSFE E1.l form factor standard, derived from Intel's earlier Ruler concept.

In addition, this Intel DC D5-P4356 SSD is the complement of the PCIe QLC NAND SSD of the data center. It takes advantage of the 64-layer QLC technology which enables it to provide a large amount of affordable capacity for reading-intensive cloud workloads.

Compared with the 7.68TB Intel P3420 SSD which is announced in the last year, this Intel DC D5-P4356 SSD has better sequential read and write speed and random read and write throughput. If the sequential read and write remain unchanged, the random read and write speed is decreased to 11,000 IOPS. Although the DC D5-P4326 SSD has bad performance and durability, it has the highest density.

In addition, this Intel DC D5-P4326 SSD is not suitable for storing hot data, but it also has better performance than the HDD.

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Final Words

After reading this post, you can get the information that Intel has released a new Intel Optane SSD and a new Intel Enterprise SSD. These two SSDs are Intel Optane DC D4800X SSD and the Intel DC D5-P4326 SSD. The Intel Optane DC D4800X SSD is featured with the dual-port PCIe so that it can provide continuous data access. And the Intel D5-P4326 SSD comes in large hard drive capacity.

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