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Two series of new ultra-tough and high-speed solid-state drives have been released and these two series of SSDs are Sony SL-M SSD and Sony SL-C SSD. And these two Sony ultra-tough SSDs provide fast speed, designed for photographers, videographers or those creative users.

Sony Has Announced Two Series of Ultra-Tough SSDs

Sony is a very famous manufacturer around the world and it has released a lot of different products such as cameras, phones, SD card, solid-state drives and so on.

In the past, Sony announced the toughest and fasted SF-G TOUGH SD card. This SD card is 18 times stronger than the standard SD cards, and also provides fast transfer speed.

And recently, Sony has researched and developed two series of new tough SSDS for photographers, videographers or other creative users. These two series of solid-state drives respectively are Sony SL-M SSD and Sony SL-C SSD.

two Sony ultra tough SSDs

These two external SSDs provide ultra-toughness, high speed, hardware encryption, and new utility software features so as to offer data protection even in the extreme environment.

Both the Sony SL-M SSD and the Sony SL-C SSD have featured an innovative one-piece aluminum body with the shockproof construction that offers users a sense of security when it comes to storing data.

However, when it comes to keeping data safe, users can choose to back up the files since it is a good way to provide protection for data.

The Sony SL-M SSD and Sony SL-C SSD are built in a USB Type-C port that is waterproof even without a sealing cap. In addition, they are dustproof. The data is also protected even if it is dropped in up to 3 feet of water.

What’s more, these two ultra-tough SSDs provide fast transfer speed. For the Sony SL-M SSD, its read and write speed can reach up to 1000MB/s. And for the Sony SL-C SSD, its read and write speed can reach up to 540MB/s and 520MB/s. Both these two Sony ultra-tough SSDs are featured a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface and the Sony SL-M SSD is able to achieve incredible high-speeds with NVMe SSD technology.

What’s more, these two Sony SSDs take advantage of the latest SSD controller so that they can provide fast transfer speed even when working with extremely large data files that are copied or overwritten many times. The fast speed enables users to improve work efficiency.

On top of that, these Sony SL-M SSD and Sony SL-C SSD include some helpful features to make sure that your data is always safe. First of all, the password protection, data can be secured with the hardware encryption offering AES 256-bit encryption without any speed decline. Second, it enables you to set the dual password protection so as to keep your data safe. They also have the file rescue software that helps to reduce fear over losing precious data.

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Final Words

After reading this post, you can get the information that Sony has released two series of ultra-tough SSDs which respectively are Sony SL-M SSD and Sony SL-C SSD. These two Sony SSDs provides fast transfer speed and are designed to photographers, videographers or other creative users. These two Sony ultra-tough SSDs also have good data protection ability since they have some advanced features.

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