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unable to start Dedicated Server

Do you get the Halo Infinite error “unable to start Dedicated Server” or “there was a problem with the Dedicated Server”? How can you fix this server issue? Go on reading this post and you can find some recommended methods mentioned by MiniTool Solution.

There Was an Issue with the Halo Infinite Servers

As a first-person shooter game, Halo Infinite is well-liked and many users think it is all great in the story, the graphics, the multiplayer, and the music. But sometimes Halo Infinite is not working or keeps crashing; sometimes there is no sound in this game; sometimes you get the DirectX 12 error in this game if you also play it, etc. In addition, you can encounter other situations.

This game’s multiplayer mode allows you to play this game with multiple persons - sync up with your friends and face off against rivals across various game modes and maps. Although this mode is exciting, some issues appear and the common one is the issue with the Dedicated Server.

In the game, you get the error message “unable to start Dedicated Server”. Sometimes the computer says “there was a problem with the Dedicated Server”. Currently, there is no official fix to solve the issue since it is related to the server but this doesn’t mean you cannot fix the error.

Halo Infinite unable to start Dedicated Server

In the following guide, we will show you some possible workarounds that help to fix the server-related error. Let’s go to see them.

How to Fix Halo Infinite Unable to Start Dedicated Server

Check Halo Infinite Server

This error is related to the server and the first thing you can do is to check if the server is down. If yes, the error is somewhat justified. You can go to check the server status by visiting a third-party website like Down Detector or go to access the Twitter account of Halo Infinite.

You can know some server issues with the game. If it is down actually, wait for a few days until the server goes back operational. If the server is running well, try other solutions below.

Restart Halo Infinite

Sometimes a temporary glitch or network connectivity issue can lead to Halo Infinite not working with the Dedicated Server error. You can try to restart this game on your PC. Sometimes a normal reboot to the game can be helpful to remove several glitches.

Just close the game completely and launch it after some time. If this won’t help, you can try to restart the system to have a check.

Disable VPN

Sometimes the VPN service can cause network issues with the server. To fix the error “unable to start Dedicated Server”, try to disable VPN and run Halo Infinite to see if the issue won’t appear.

Test Your Connection

Halo Infinite is an online game, so having a stable connection is a must. If the connection is slow, you may get the error saying this game cannot start Dedicated Server. Go to test the network connection. In the post - Top 8 Free Internet Speed Test Tools | How to Test Internet Speed, you can find some tools to test the connection speed.

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These are the possible fixes for the error “unable to start Dedicated Server”. If you have any other solutions, leave a comment below to let us know. Thanks.

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