This post drafted by MiniTool discusses the topic that who leaked Windows 11 and the related reasons. Also, it covers the reason, time, and place of the leak of Win11. As for the legitimacy of the leaked system, there is also a mention.

Update: The official Windows 11 is already available since October 5, 2021. 

Since the first leak of the new operating system (OS) in June 2021, it has been about 3 months. During the three months, new leaks, third-party versions, Windows Insider Program upgrades, and official Insider Preview builds ISOs become available in a sequence.

Yet, when exactly Windows 11 was first leaked? Where did it be leaked? Who leaked Windows 11? How did it be leaked? Why was it leaked? And was the leaked version legit?

Why Windows 11 Was Leaked?

Microsoft Windows has the most users all over the world, especially for personal users. So, it is always a big thing to people all around the world that Windows will have an upgrade, especially for such a general edition upgrade several years after the Windows 10 release, which was once said the last version of Windows 10. (Obviously, it’s not true.)

We will wonder what’s the next-generation system look like, what are the new features, how much has been changed, and so on. Since the strong desire of knowing the coming system, people will try to find any clue of the news of Windows 11. Thus, soon or later, there will be someone who has early access to the new OS that will satisfy us with a leak of the system and receiving envies from others.

Windows 11 Leak Information: Release Date, New UI, Start Menu….
Windows 11 Leak Information: Release Date, New UI, Start Menu….

The information about Windows 11 has been leaked. In this post, we show you the information we know, including the new UI, Start Menu, release date, and more.

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When, Where, and How Did Windows 11 Be Leaked?

During June 14 - 16, a well-known Indian tech website named Beebom published an article that included Windows 11 leak version. Following that, many people have downloaded that version, used that version, and even distributed it offline or online.

To deal with that, Microsoft Japan has sent a DMCA notice to Google to remove a page of Beebom from online search list that linked to the leaked Windows 11 ISO. The reason stated by Microsoft clearly mentions that it’s a leaked copy of the unreleased Windows 11.

Who Leaked Windows 11?

As for who is the wire puller that leaked Win11, there are several guesses.

Assumption 1. Microsoft leaked Windows 11 to create hype

Some people think that Microsoft itself leaked or helped the leak of Win11 on the Internet to promote Windows 11 in advance. After all, they don’t rely on Windows 11 to collect money and the official upgrade is also free of charge.

However, Microsoft filed DMCA complaint against websites that link to the leaked system build. If Microsoft really leaked Windows 11 by itself, how can it do this? That doesn’t make sense. So, it should not be true for Microsoft to leak Windows 11 build 21996 updates.

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[Graphic Guide]: What’s Windows 11 & How to Install Windows 11?

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Assumption 2. Microsoft leaked a false version of Windows 11 to confuse us

Since purportedly Microsoft leaked a fake version of Windows XP with the Watercolor shell that resembled Windows 2000. Yet later, when WinXP came out, it has a completely different interface.

Therefore, someone would think the leak of Win11 is the same trick. However, until now, we already know what the Insider Preview version looks like. It is just the same as the early leak version. Thus, this theory isn’t true either.

Assumption 3. Some Microsoft Partner leaked Windows 11

It is usually the case that the software or hardware is leaked through channels outside the developer. This can also be true for Windows eleven. Many Windows enthusiasts and exports believe that Microsoft is not the one that leaks the new OS. The leak is most likely to come from a Microsoft partner, OEM, or some third-party organization that has access to the system build.

Was the Leaked Windows 11 Legit?

Of course, it is not. When Microsoft sent a DMCA notice to Google to delist the Windows 11 leaked page on Beebom, it mentioned that “Beebom’s article is distributing Windows 11 ISO (copyrighted to Microsoft)”.

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