This essay edited by MiniTool software mainly talks about two places to download Windows 11 ISO files, Google Drive (shared by others) or the official website, especially the former one. It will help you decide which method to choose if you want to get one.

About Windows 11 Download Google Drive

Windows 11 download Google Drive refers to someone gets an ISO file of Microsoft operating system (OS), uploads it to his Google Drive, and share it with others. Then, other people can download that Win 11 ISO file from Google Drive through the share of the person, for example, by clicking the share link.

That sounds possible. Actually, there does be someone who has already done so early in June 2021 when Windows 11 begins to be leaked out. Then, a lot of users want to get an ISO and experience Windows 11 in advance. So, Windows 11 ISO download Google Drive is extremely popular among the methods of leaking Windows 11.

Tips for Downloading Windows 11 from Google Drive

Yet, some cautious people worry about the security of the shared online file. They are afraid of inviting viruses into their computers instead of Windows 11. Although the file claims to be a Win11 ISO, it can be anything else; or, they can be a compromised system infected with malware.

So, before you start downloading the shared Windows 11 ISO, you are strongly recommended to scan for its security with Google Drive features. Yet, for a big file of system ISO, it usually calculates to several GBs. Thus, Google Drive will probably fail to scan it for viruses. Then, you can make use of a third-party program to do the job.

What to Do If You Encounter Fake Windows 11 Downloader/Installer?
What to Do If You Encounter Fake Windows 11 Downloader/Installer?

What is a fake Windows 11 installer? How to tell whether a download website or exe file is fake or not? How to avoid being affected by a fake downloader?

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Or, you can, first of all, download, save, and install it to a sandbox environment, then, try it in your real machine when it is treated as safe. Keep your firewall and antivirus software on is also recommended.

Besides, you can read the comments for the shared Windows 11 download Google Drive to help yourself decide whether the file is safe or not.

Now, Download Windows 11 ISO from Official Website

Now, you can download the official ISO files of different editions of Windows 11 (Home, Home Single Language, Pro, Education, and Enterprise) from Microsoft website without worrying about security problems. Yet, currently before the official release of Windows 11 on October 5, 2021, the available Windows 11 is only an insider preview build, which is almost the same as the final release.

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