Microsoft has started working on next year’s Windows updates very early. Recent rumors state that the next update in 2024 might be Windows 11 24H2 rather than Windows 12. Everything is uncertain now. MiniTool will now take you to see some related information.

What Is the Next Windows Update? Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12?

Microsoft is working on the next Windows update, which will be released in 2024. According to recent rumors, the next update could be an upgrade (24H2) to Windows 11 or a completely new operating system called Windows 12.

Xeno in X (formerly known as Twitter) said that: Early mention of Windows 11 24H2, or possible typo? Please see the following screenshot:

Windows 11 Version 24H2 reference posted by Xeno in X (formerly known as Twitter)

The upcoming update, featuring platform version 24H2, will be named based on the final decision of the marketing team.

Windows 11 23H2 Size Is About 10% Larger than Windows 10
Windows 11 23H2 Size Is About 10% Larger than Windows 10

In this post, we will introduce the Windows 11 23H2 size and how much space Windows 11 23H2 takes on your computer.

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See the Name History of Windows 11

In its early development stages, Windows 11 21H2 was initially referred to as Windows 10 Sun Valley. The previously leaked information indicated that Sun Valley was intended as an update for Windows 10. However, plans evolved, and Windows 10 Sun Valley was eventually revealed as Windows 11.

Windows 11 23H2 Version 2: Installation Media Tool and ISO Files
Windows 11 23H2 Version 2: Installation Media Tool and ISO Files

Microsoft released the new Windows 11 23H2 version 2 and you can get it via the installation media or the ISO file.

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The specific identity of the next Windows version remains uncertain, with speculation about whether it will be Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12. Multiple sources, along with Microsoft’s partners, have confirmed a substantial Windows overhaul slated for 2024.

Before the introduction of either Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12, Microsoft intends to launch another significant update referred to as Windows 11 Moment 5 at the end of February.

In X, Xeno also said that: He found Windows 11 24H2 in the PolicyDefinitions\en-US\Windows.adml. This indicates that the next Windows update could be Windows 11 24H2. But you know everything can change finally.

find Windows 11 24H2 in Policy

The Release Date of Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12

According to Microsoft partners, the next-generation Windows is anticipated to make its debut as early as May or June, coinciding with the release of the new Snapdragon X hardware.

The upcoming version of Windows, whether it’s an update like Windows 11 24H2 or the introduction of Windows 12, is likely to reach the Release to Manufacturer (RTM) phase around April.

In theory, the next Windows release, featuring new functionalities, may not be production-ready until the fall of 2024, specifically around September or October.

If Microsoft follows a pattern similar to Windows 11, there could be a Moment 1 update for Windows 24H2. In other words, Windows 24H2 or Windows 12 might be shipped without some of the initially advertised or expected features. The Moment 1 update for Windows 24H2 is expected to introduce these additional features later in 2024.

However, if you eager to explore new features shortly after the announcement, you can join the Windows Insider Program to test and experience them.

Windows 11 KB5033375 Breaks Wi-Fi, Fix It Yourself Now
Windows 11 KB5033375 Breaks Wi-Fi, Fix It Yourself Now

If Windows 11 KB5033375 breaks your Wi-Fi connection, you can choose to uninstall this update or wait for the official fix.

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Now, do you get the information you want to know? Everything is not certain now. You can just wait.

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