What is Windows 7 Delta Edition? How can you get this modified edition? This post on MiniTool offers a full guide covering a simple overview and how to download ISO & install it on a PC. Let’s explore some details now.

Some developers always attempt to release some modified versions of the Windows operating system to satisfy various needs. On the market, Tiny11 2311, Tiny10 23H2, Windows 11/10 X-Lite, Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite, Phoenix Lite OS 11, Windows 7 Xtreme LiteOS, etc. are widely used by users. Today, we will introduce another customized edition – Windows 7 Delta.

What Is Windows 7 Delta Edition

It is a modified Windows 7 operating system, aiming to recreate the aesthetic from beta builds of Win7. Throughout the system, you can see the underwater aesthetic.

The lost functions, features, and programs of previous Windows versions come back in the Delta Edition. Besides, it also comes with some new features.

Windows 7 Delta offers multiple themes that are based on Win7 Beta for you to choose. The Extras Pack version supports hundreds of new theme packs.

In this system, you can find some old programs, including the Vista Ultimate Extras games and Paint. Moreover, it comes with Windows Live Essentials 2009 which includes Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Movie Maker, and Windows Live Mail.

Something to Notice

According to Delta, any systems of the Delta series are not recommended for daily use since they cannot magically run on modern hardware and cannot get new updates. Use Windows 10 or higher, macOS, or Linux on your modern PC.

If you take an interest in the Delta Edition, you can download and install it on a virtual machine. Of course, if you have an unused old computer, follow the guide below for the installation.

Windows 7 Delta Download

How to download an ISO of this system? See the steps:

Step 1: On the official website of Delta, you can find two download links respectively for Windows 7 Delta and Windows 7 Delta Extras Pack. Based on the build version, click the proper one to open a site of Internet Archive.

Windows 7 Delta free download

Step 2: Under the DOWNLOAD OPTIONS section, click ISO IMAGE to start downloading the .iso file. This download process will take some time, so wait patiently.

After getting ISO, you can use it to install this modified Windows 7 system.

Install Windows 7 Delta Edition

Back up Important Files in Advance

Before you proceed, remember to back up your important files since the installation could erase the saved data on your original system. For file backup, we recommend running MiniTool ShadowMaker which can run on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10/11. This PC backup software offers an excellent and comprehensive backup and recovery solution, now download it for data backup.

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How to Install

Installing Windows 7 Delta on a virtual machine can easily succeed.

However, the installation is not simple on real hardware. You need to burn the downloaded ISO to a USB drive or DVD, boot the PC from this drive or disc, then configure your preferences, click Install now, and then follow the on-screen wizards to complete the installation. Sometimes an error could happen. To know details, you can refer to a YouTube video.

Install Windows 7 Delta


That’s information on Windows 7 Delta including its simple overview and how to download & install it. Hope this post can help you have a general understanding of this Delta edition.

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