This essay gives a brief introduction of the discontinued Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner. Since you might come across this term, you can learn the definition, function, and drawbacks of the tool from this post published by MiniTool company.

Windows Live OneCare Free Safety Scanner Was Discontinued

On November 18, 2008, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of Windows Live OneCare. For replacement, Microsoft provides a new free anti-virus suite called Microsoft Security Essentials that has been available since the second half of 2009.

Yet, under the same branding as Windows Live OneCare, OneCare Safety Scanner wasn’t discontinued during that time. Microsoft Live OneCare Online Safety Scanner was officially discontinued on April 15, 2011, and it was replaced by Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Therefore, if you want to download OneCare Safety Scanner, just download the Microsoft Safety Scanner (msert.exe) from below:

Live OneCare Safety Scanner Functions

OneCare Safety Scanner provides a free service for scanning and protection against online threats. To take advantage of the tool, you have to download and install it on your computer.

There are two kinds of scans offered by Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner, full-service scan and quick scan. The full scan checks for common computer problems related to viruses, temporary files, as well as network ports. It detects and removes malware, removes unnecessary clutter on hard disk drives, and improves PC performance. A full scan can be customized and takes a longer time to finish.

On the contrary, a quick scan scans only for viruses and only on specific areas of the computer. Thus, a quick scan requires less time than a full scan. You can choose it if you feel you are in good computer condition and you usually scan your machine for viruses and find on threats recently.

Microsoft Live OneCare Safety Scanner service also provides a virus database, info about online cyberattacks, as well as general computer security docs and tools.

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Remove the Fake Security Error 0x00759B with These Methods!

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Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner Disadvantages

The Live Safety Scanner only carries out a scan of your computer when the site is visited. It doesn’t run periodic scans of the system; it does not offer utilities to prevent viruses from infecting your machine neither. The security scanner only deals with detected issues.

Once many people had reported script errors related to IE7 (Internet Explorer is the only supported web browser by the OneCare safety service), which were mainly registry-related problems and were solved by the product team.

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