What can Word 2013 do for you? Is Word 2013 the latest version? Can you still download Word 2013? From this post, you can find much information given by MiniTool about Microsoft Word 2013, how to get this tool on your computer, and Word file backup.

Overview of MS Word 2013

To handle your word documents in Windows, it is necessary to install the Word tool on your computer. Microsoft Word is a famous word-processing software used by many users all over the world. It enables you to easily create and edit documents like letters, flyers, and reports. In a Word document, you can add images, tables, special effects, styles & formats, etc.

For Windows, Word files are the common format if you need to send text documents via e-mail since the computer can read a Word file via the Word app or Microsoft Word Viewer. A Word document uses .doc or .docx as the filename extension.

Microsoft offers multiple versions of Word and Word 2013 is one of them, released in 2013. Since Word is part of the Office suite, Word 2013 is included in Office 2013. You may think Word 2013 is familiar to Word 2010 if you ever used Word 2010. See the following screenshot about Microsoft Word 2013:

Word 2013 main interface

Word 2013 is an old version of the Word application and the following version is Word 2016, Word 2019, and Word 2021 (currently, the latest version).

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Can You Still Download Word 2013

Although Word 2013 is old, some old users may still want to use this version. Then, here come two questions: can I still download Word 2013? How do I download Word 2013 on my computer?

You should know, Word 2013 is out of date and Microsoft recommends you to upgrade to Microsoft 365 or Office 2021 from Word 2013. If you still stick to your idea, you can go to the official page from Microsoft – Download and install or reinstall Office 2019, Office 2016, or Office 2013. Then, you can find Microsoft gives you a way to get Office 2013 to install Word 2013.

Word 2013 free download

In addition, some third-party web pages also give you the download links for Office 2013 to install Word 2013. When you search for “Word 2013 free download” or “Word 2013 download” online, you can find some results saying Microsoft Office 2013 free download. Just get the installation file.

Of course, you can search for “Office 2013 download ISO” and then get an ISO file. Then, mount the ISO image to a virtual drive, open it, and double-click on the .exe file for installing Office including Word 2023.


If you need to use Word 2021 on your 32-bit/64-bit computer, get Office 2021 to install the app and then use it to create and edit Word documents. This post - How to Download & Install Office 2021 for PC/Mac? Follow a Guide may help you a lot.

Back up Word Documents

If you use Word 2013 to create many important Word files and worry about file loss, you can choose to back up these documents to keep them safe. To do this task, the professional free backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker is recommended since it can easily help you to back up data, and automatic, incremental, and differential backups are supported to meet your needs.

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Of course, there are some other ways for you to make a copy of Word documents, and this post – 5 Ways – How to Make a Copy of a Word Document may be what you need.

Final Words

That’s the information about Microsoft Word 2013, Word 2013 download, and Word file backup. Just get this application when you need by following the given guide and back up files for data protection.

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