Designed and released by Apple Inc., the AirPod is a hot accessory used widely among Apple devices users as a wireless earphone. But when users get an AirPod for the first time, they are unfamiliar with it and have no idea how to use it. This post offered by MiniTool Solution will focus on sharing some of the most useful tricks and tips to help you get the most out of AirPods.

AirPods How to Use

AirPod is a smart wireless earphone designed by Apple to use on its devices, like iPhone and iPad. According to statics, it’s one of the hottest accessories of Apple devices. Today, we’d like to offer some AirPod tricks and AirPod tips to help you get a better understanding of this wireless earphone. There are many things to know about AirPods.

Tip: If you’re a new user of AirPods, you may easily make some mistakes while setting it up on your device and this may pose threat to your data. On this occasion, you’re advised to get a recovery tool in advance so that you can use it to recover data as soon as it gets lost. The following tool is available for all devices running iOS.

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AirPods Tips 1: Light & Status

After opening the lid of the charging case of AirPods, you’ll see a status light between your left and right earbuds. When AirPods is put in, it will show the charging status. When you pull out the AirPods, it will show the status of the case.

Meaning of different colors:

  • Green: fully charged
  • Orange: not a full charge
  • Amber: less than one full charge remains
  • Flashing white: ready to pair with a device
  • Flashing amber: need to set up again

Next, let’s talk about the connection, which is the first step to using AirPods as your headphones.

How to Connect AirPods to Your Laptop (Windows and Mac)?
How to Connect AirPods to Your Laptop (Windows and Mac)?

In this post, we will show you how to connect AirPods to your laptop no matter whether you are running Windows operating system or macOS.

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AirPods Tips 2: Connect AirPods to iPhone

AirPod settings: how to connect AirPods to iPhone.

Enable Bluetooth on iPhone -> put AirPods case next to iPhone -> open the lid of the case -> press Connect on iPhone -> press and hold the button on the back of the case -> press Done on iPhone.

Connect AirPods to iPhone

Things to know about AirPods:

  • Pairing AirPods with iPhone will also pair them with your Apple Watch.
  • The steps to pair AirPods to iPad are the same.

Can You Connect AirPods to MacBook

Some people are wondering whether they can connect an AirPod to MacBook, in addition to iPhone and iPad. As mentioned earlier, AirPod can be used as a wireless earphone for different Apple devices, including MacBook.

How to turn on AirPods on MacBook: go to Bluetooth -> make sure it's turned on -> pair AirPods with MacBook by pressing the button on the case -> select AirPods from the devices list on MacBook.

Besides, AirPod 1, AirPod 2, and AirPod Pro can also be connected to and used on non-Apple devices, such as Android devices, Windows PC, and even TV. But the auto-play and pause function is only available when AirPod is using on an Apple device.

Click here to know more about how to connect AirPods.

AirPods Tips 3: Charge & Battery

There are 3 easy ways to charge an AirPod: charge with a cable, charge using the case, and charge with a charging mat. As for the specific steps to charge, how long does it take to charge AirPods, and AirPod battery life, please read this page:

How To Charge Your AirPods/AirPods Pro: 3 Ways Available
How To Charge Your AirPods/AirPods Pro: 3 Ways Available

People love to use AirPods since it brings an amazing listening experience. But how to charge AirPods properly becomes most users’ concern.

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AirPods Tips 4: Change the Name of AirPods

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth.
  3. Look for the AirPod in the devices list.
  4. Press the blue i icon next to it.
  5. Select Name and type in a new name.

AirPods Name

AirPods Tips 5: Customize Double-tap Function

For the 1st generation of AirPod, double-tapping each side of AirPod will launch Siri on your device. While for the 2nd generation, double-tapping means to go to the next track by default. However, Apple makes it possible for you to decide what a double-tap can do.

  1. Repeat step 1 ~ 4 mentioned in AirPods Tips 4.
  2. Navigate to the DOUBLE-TAP ON AIRPOD section.
  3. Select Left and choose the feature you want for the left AirPod: Siri, Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, or Off.
  4. Select Right and choose the feature you want.


AirPods Tips 6: Read Message with Siri

You can let Siri read messages automatically for you:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Siri & Search.
  3. Select Announce Messages.
  4. Make sure Announce Messages with Siri is turned On.

This works when the 2nd generation AirPods and some Beats headphones are connected.

7 Other AirPods Tips and Tricks

  • You can use one AirPod bud each time and then switch to the other to increase using time.
  • You can locate a lost AirPod through Find My iPhone or from iCloud.
  • You can use AirPods as a hearing aid thanks to the Live Listen function in iPhone.
  • You can share audios and phone calls with friends using the AirPods.
  • You may enable Automatic Ear Detection to transfer audios from connected device to AirPods.
  • You should know who’s calling without looking at your iPhone with the Announce Calls enabled. (This feature also helps you answer/end a call).
  • The Noise Cancellation feature is only available on AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation doesn’t include it).

These are the basic AirPods tricks and AirPod instructions you should know. The AirPods pro tips and tricks are basically the same.

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