Microsoft is now working on bringing the reveal password feature of the classic Edge to the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser and Chrome. You’ll soon see the reveal password button in the Chromium browsers. This button is able to help you confirm whether you have entered the password correctly; if not, you can move the cursor to the certain position to correct the wrong letters, symbols, or numbers.

When you log into your account by entering password in the browser, you may fail. That is because you are likely to press the wrong button when logging in. Under such circumstances, you’ll need to clear the letters, symbols, and numbers, and then reenter them. The adding of reveal password feature will improve the situation greatly.

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Microsoft Is Working on the Reveal Password Feature for Chromium Browsers

In order to make its Chromium-based browser more convenient, Microsoft is considering adding a reveal password button into it. By clicking on this button, you’re able to unmask password quickly. Indeed, this unhide passwords feature has been there for many years since the release of the classic Edge’s first version.

Microsoft Is Working On Chromium-Powered Web Browser.

Password Reveal Will Come with Hotkey Support

Recently, engineers from Microsoft, the largest contributors to the Chromium browsing engine, added a new commit in Chromium Gerrit so as to add the universal show password button. What’s more, the hotkey support will come with the new feature, which means that you can see the password simply by pressing a keyboard shortcut.

After adding the button in Chromium-based browser (Edge), Microsoft will make its way to Google Chrome and the other applications which are based on the same project. Besides, the feature will also be added to browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi.

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Benefits of Adding Unmask Password Button

If Microsoft succeeds, you’ll see an option to show hidden password whenever you visit a login page. Having the reveal password in Chrome or Chromium-based browser is very beneficial:

  • You can see the content when you type in the password field in a browser.
  • You are able to check what you have typed and correct the wrong content easily.
  • The eye icon will allow you to reveal password Chrome or show password Firefox through a simple click.

Attention please: the eye icon won’t appear if you set the Chromium browsers to autofill the password.

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Show Asterisk Password

If you are careful, you’ll find that some websites have already had their own way to reveal the password for users temporarily. This function is so useful that Microsoft want to let its users enjoy it as a consistent experience. You’ll be able to see the password you entered on every site as long as you open it in the Chromium browsers, which include the reveal password button.

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How to Show Password on Chrome

Steps to show hidden password chrome by using inspect:

  1. Put cursor onto the password field in the opening browser.
  2. Right click on it and choose Inspect (you can also use the shortcut key combinations to open the Inspect window quickly).
  3. Find type=”password” in the inspect window.
  4. Replace the word password with text.
  5. Press Enter and close the window.


Of course, you can turn to the asterisk password viewer to get help.

Can you remove the password revealing button?

The reveal password feature was available in available in the classic Microsoft Edge, and it will be added to the new Chromium Edge, Chrome, and other browsers. Users who want to customize the feature will be disappointed since Microsoft made it clear that it don’t allow the removing or customization, at least for now.

Note we are using -internal-reveal as the pseudo element id, so there is no way for authors to customize or hide the reveal button. This might be changed after a consensus over what id to use is reached, or after the button gets standardized.- according to Microsoft
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