If you forgot your Facebook password, you may try the solutions in this tutorial to recover the lost old Facebook password. FYI, to recover deleted or lost files, photos, etc. you can use the professional free data recovery program – MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Forgot Facebook password and can’t log into Faceboook? Is it possible to get back your old Facebook password? You can check some solutions below.

Recover Facebook Password with Facebook Account Recovery

Facebook offers a way to let you reset Facebook password if you forgot it. Check the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Go to https://facebook.com/login/identify in your browser or click Forgot account link in Facebook login section.
  2. Enter the email or phone number you used to log into your Facebook account and click Search to search for your account.
  3. Select a method to receive the verification code in order to reset your Facebook password.
  4. Enter the security code and click Continue to set a new password for your Facebook account. Do remember the new password and do not forget it.

Forgot My Facebook Password but Still Logged in

If you are still logged in to your Facebook account but you forgot your password, you can check how to get back your Facebook password.

  1. Click the down-arrow icon at the top-right corner of your Facebook page, click Settings & Privacy, and click Settings.
  2. Click Security and Login in the left panel and click Change password under Login in the right window.
  3. Here you’ll be asked to enter the current password and new password. Since you forgot your password, you can click Forgot your password? link to follow the instructions to change a new password for your Facebook account.
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Check Your Browser’s Saved Passwords

If you have made your browser remember the passwords of websites, you might be able to recover your forgotten Facebook password by checking your browser’s saved passwords. Check how to view a saved password in Google Chrome below.

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and click the three-dot icon at the upper-right corner. Click Settings.
  2. In Google Settings page, scroll down in the right window and click Passwords under Autofill.
  3. On Passwords page, you can see a Saved Passwords It lists the name, username, and obscured password of all websites that you’ve saved the login information.
  4. To see the Facebook password, you can click the Eye icon next to Facebook website.
  5. Type the account username and password you use to log into your computer and click OK. Then the saved password will be revealed. You can remember your Facebook password then.

Forgot Facebook Password and Email

In this case, you can use the phone number that you used to associate with your Facebook account to recover your account and reset your Facebook password. Go to https://facebook.com/login/identify and follow the instructions to set a new password for your account.

How to Recover Facebook Password without Email and Phone Number

If you forgot Facebook password and don’t know the login email or phone number, it’s hard to get back to your account again. Try to apply for a new Facebook account then.


This post offers some solutions to help you fix Facebook forgot password issue, hope it helps. It’s advised you keep and remember your Facebook password since you might not be able to retrieve it if you forgot it.

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