You can use the Windows built-in Windows File Explorer compression functionality to extract files when necessary. However, the extracting process may be interrupted by the Windows cannot complete the extraction error. MiniTool Software will show you 7 available solutions to solve this issue in this post.

Why You Need to Extract Files?

When you want to share some files that take much space, you can extract it or them into a single file or folder which occupies less space. To extract files is a widely used way to send or storing files.

You can use the built-in Windows File Explorer compression functionality to extract files.

Full Guide to Do ZIP File Recovery with MiniTool Software
Full Guide to Do ZIP File Recovery with MiniTool Software

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If Windows Cannot Complete the Extraction

You may encounter compressed zipped folders errors when you want to extract files. For example, you may receive an Compressed folders error message saying Windows cannot complete the extraction The destination file could not be created.

This error can happen on all Windows version like Windows 10/8/7. The error message below Windows cannot complete the extraction can also be The destination path is too long or The compressed zipped folder is invalid.

In this post, we will introduce 7 methods to solve this issue:

  • Reboot the computer
  • Rename the files
  • Move the files to another folder
  • Download a new copy
  • Perform a Clean Boot
  • Run the System File Checker
  • Use alternative software to extract files

If you don’t know the exact cause of Windows cannot complete the extraction, you can try these methods one by one.

Reboot the Computer

Sometimes, the solution can be just so easy. Rebooting the computer can solve some software issues on your PC. After restarting your computer, you can try to extract files again to see whether the issue disappears.

If Windows cannot complete the extraction continues, try the second solution.

Rename the Files

Some users reflected that the issue disappeared after they renamed the files. So, you can also try this way to see whether it can solve the issue.

If you still can’t extract files in Windows File Explorer, try the next solution.

Move the File to another Folder

Perhaps, the file location is protected but you don’t know. So, you can move the files to another location. For example, you can move the target files to one of your user profile folders and then extract them again.

If you can’t move the file because the path is too long, you can use Long Path Fixer Tool to solve the issue.

Download a New Copy

If the download file is corrupted, you can also encounter this compressed zipped folders error. To get rid of this error message, you can download a new copy of the file in another location. After that, you can extract files again to see whether the issue is fixed.

Perform a Clean Boot

At times, Windows cannot complete the extraction is caused by conflicting software. So, you can perform a clean boot on your computer to find the offenders that cause this issue.

Run System File Checker

If some system files are damaged or corrupted, Windows cannot complete the extraction can occur. SFC (System File Checker), a Windows built-in tool can find and replace the corrupted system files with normal ones. So, run SFC to have a try.

Use Alternative Software to Extract Files

If all of the above methods don’t work for you, you can consider using alternative software to extract files. You can find some free zip software on the internet, such as 7-Zip, PeaZip, IZArc, and more.

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