This essay outlined by MiniTool Software generally tells you a new unofficial way to get the old Facebook layout back since Facebook remove the built-in feature. Just read the below content to learn the method to get Facebook old version.

Until September 2020, you can still revert back to old Facebook design with the official “switch to classic Facebook” utility in the settings menu. Yet, this is no longer an option until now. Every Facebook user is forced to use the latest look.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Since not a few users want to change back to old Facebook, some developers have created some browser extensions that can help you to go back old version Facebook. Those browser plugins trick Facebook into thinking you are running a very old and outdated version of Internet Explorer that doesn’t support the new Facebook, aka, spoofing the user agent.

How to Go Back to Old Facebook with Third-Party Extensions?

  • This isn’t a permanent solution. Facebook might change settings on their end preventing the extensions from working. For example, Facebook appeared to close many of the vulnerabilities that are taken advantage of by some extensions.
  • The extensions can change how the page looks, but they can’t alter how others say your page and can’t restore features of the old layout.
  • We just list the extensions that are possible to change your Facebook layout, but we can’t guarantee they will work for everyone and we can’t guarantee their quality (e.g. security). So, make your own judgment.

Extensions for Chrome

Extensions for Firefox

  • Old Layout for Facebook
  • Switch to Classic Design on Facebook

Extensions for Microsoft Edge

  • Revert Site
  • Switch to Classic Design on Facebook

Unavailable Official Method: How to Switch Back to Classic Facebook?

On Facebook, some Pages may have the option to switch back to a classic Page. During the switch, Facebook will save your information like ad campaigns. Also, you can download the info on your new Page to store it.

If you go back to the classic Pages experience, advertisements you created from the new Pages will stop running and will be stored in your Ads Manager account. Their data and insights will still be available, but you can’t edit or restart them until you return to the new Pages.

You will lose access to the below items switching from new Pages to classic Pages.

  • Insights
  • Ads
  • New content
  • New Pages experience

However, your current followers, Groups, Events, and Page permissions won’t change after going back to classic Pages.

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Switch to Classic Facebook

  1. Open your profile page.
  2. Click Account (inverted triangle in the top-right) and choose Switch to Classic Pages.
  3. Follow the guide to complete.

Or, you can click on More (three dots) next to the Edit Profile option and select Switch to Classic Pages. Then, follow the flow and click Continue.

Download Information

When you switch back to classic Pages, you will receive a notification telling you that a copy of your info has been automatically created and is ready to download. The info includes messages, comments, saved items, as well as shared contents (posts, photos, stories, videos, etc.)

  1. Open your Facebook Information.
  2. Select View next to the Download Your Information.
  3. In the Available Copies tab, click Download and enter your password.
Tip: The option to download your info will only be available for 4 days after you go back to the classic Page.

If you update to the new Pages experience again, content you created from the classic Pages will be preserved on your new Page and content you have shared from your new Pages will be visible again. When you post content again that was unavailable when you switched back to classic Pages, this content will appear twice when you return to the new Pages.

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