A series of issues are reported by users after they have upgraded their system to the latest Windows 10 May 2020 version. The web browsers including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Goggle Chrome are having their own issues. In this post of MiniTool, I’ll mainly focus on the sign out of Chrome and data syncing stopping issue.

The latest Windows 10 May 2020 update (the code name is 20H1) was officially released on May 27, 2020 to the seekers and people who checked for a Windows update on their computer manually. Though Microsoft said many useful features and improvements have been included in the new version, problems and issues are also caused. You’d better turn to MiniTool Solution for useful backup or data recovery tips.

Windows 10 Update Troubleshooting: Problems And Fixes.

Users Keep Getting Signed Out of Chrome

Though the Windows 10 May 2020 (also called Windows 10 version 2004) has tested for over a year (about 15 months) until its release, there are still a number of bugs found by people. Chrome users reported that they sign out of Chrome somehow so that they have to sign back in manually. This turns out to be a Windows 10 bug that interferes with Google Chrome’s ability to verify user identity so as to let them sign in to their Google accounts.

sign out of Chrome

In fact, other people also find their accounts are signed out of other apps, such as Mail, OneDrive, and Battle, after a restart. But I’m only focusing on Windows 10 Chrome issues in this post.

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Chrome Sign Out after Restarting Computer

Some users complained that they get bothered by the Chrome issues very much; the authentication or sign-in is affected after they installed Windows 10 version 2004. Every time when they restart the computer (or other devices), they are being logged out of Chrome automatically. Therefore, they have to log back in with their account again; this is very troublesome and annoying!!!

People are getting signed out of Chrome automatically:

I’ve been noticing this since the latest Windows update on Tuesday, but not sure if that’s what caused it: When I restart my computer, I’m not signed into my Google account when I start Chrome. All my website passwords are also forgotten. I also get the welcome page for one of my extensions (Adobe Acrobat extension for Google Chrome). This doesn’t happen when I restart just Chrome, but Windows + Chrome restart.– a user complained on Reddit

This is not a single case; many users reported it as one of the latest Windows 10 update issues on Google forum.

What’s more, there are other Windows 10 Chrome issues:

  • The syncing capability of Google Chrome is affected.
  • The cookies are not saved every time after Chrome is closed.
  • The extensions data are deleted in Google Chrome.

Users are suffering more problems thanks to the faulty May 2020 Update.

How can you recover Google Chrome history after clearing cookies and cached data:

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How to Fix Sign Out of Chrome

Microsoft has not acknowledged the issues in Chrome and they decided to abandon the problem since they failed in reproducing the error. However, Google is aware of this Windows 10 bug and they are working on a solution currently.

What is the cause of Chrome sign out, syncing termination, and extensions deletion?

Things didn’t chang until Tavis Ormandy, the researcher of Google Project Zero security, experienced the same issues after installing Windows 10 May 2020 update on his laptop. He believes the problems are caused by the Windows Data Protection API, which worked to protect data in systems since Windows 2000. It has something to do with the master key cache.

Tavis Ormandy offers the following advices in the comment below one report on Google’s support site.

Step 1: you need to confirm that the issues only appear on Windows 10 2004 version. If you’re not clear what version you’re using, please go to check by: pressing Windows + R -> typing winver -> hitting OK to open About Windows page.

Step 2: check errors in Event Viewer.

  1. Press Windows + S.
  2. Type viewer.
  3. Select Event Viewer.
  4. Expand Applications and Services Logs, Microsoft, and Windows in order.
  5. Select Crypto-DPAPI.
  6. Open Operational to check for errors.


Step 3: if Yes, please try the following method.

  1. Close all windows in Chrome and open Task Manager to end Chrome.exe.
  2. Press Windows + L to lock your system.
  3. Unlock the system and restart Google Chrome to see what happens.

Here’s how to log out of Chrome.

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