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There is a rumor that you will see internet recovery in Windows 10. This is a new feature in Windows, but it has implemented for macOS and users think it is a great useful function. If there is also a similar feature in Windows, you can easily restore your PC.

Windows 10 May Get a New Feature: Internet Recovery

According to a tweet from a renowned leaker WalkingCat, Windows 10 could get a great useful feature of macOS - internet recovery. Internet Recovery is one of the most powerful functions in macOS, especially when you want to reset your Mac or MacBook.

start Internet Recovery feature in macOS

If Windows really get this useful feature, it will provide you with a much easier way to reinstall Windows from an internet download when the operating system fails.

Before, you need to factory reset Windows 10 or reinstall Windows 10 by using an image on a DVD or USB drive to fix this issue, which is not always useful. That’s because if your hard drive is corrupted, you will not be allowed to use the image stored on it, and some laptop and PC makers may don’t have an image, or even limit the times you can use it.

If you choose to use an image stored on a USB drive, you need to keep it where you can easily find it. Otherwise, you have to use another computer to download the image and then burn the image to USB if your main computer doesn’t work. Besides, these images may be not the latest releases or they don’t have suitable drivers for all hardware.

Although Microsoft has not mentioned the feature officially, this leaker believes internet recovery feature would be present in Windows Insider Fast Ring build, 18950 which has not been released yet to users.

Two Ways to Reinstall Windows

In particular, the leaker notes that the bootable user experience – bootux in the build presents two methods to reinstall Windows. One is to download Windows using “Cloud Download” and the other is “Reset Locally”, a more traditional approach with recovery media.

Cloud Download in Windows 10

While this will be a new feature in Windows 10, it is similar to the "Internet Recovery" option apple has implemented for macOS. By using a keyboard combination at boot, users who use OS of Apple can reset MacBook or iMac device, and then continue downloading and installing the macOS version coming with their device.

For Windows 10, it is an interesting method to reinstall the operating system with the internet recovery feature. Although it is not entirely clear how Cloud Download and Reset Locally work, if Cloud Download in Windows 10 works in the same way to Internet Recovery in macOS, from servers of Microsoft, you can get the latest version of Windows 10 without extra tools. Otherwise, you have to complete manually with Microsoft’s Media Creation software.

Internet Recovery Will Come in Windows 10 20H1 Update

It has already been confirmed that the Windows 10 20H1 update will provide you with a new   Cortana experience. This redesigned Cortana will offer you light or dark mode, a new conversational UI and many other great features. Other changes will be made in 20H1- there will be some changes to the Windows Ink Workspace, and File Explorer will be slightly redesigned, with more rounded corners.

The internet recovery feature would be a part of Windows 10 20H1 update in early 2020 if the rumor becomes true. We are so excited to see the internet recovery feature coming to Windows 10.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this post tells you a piece of news that Windows 10 may get one of the most useful features of macOS - internet recovery. This feature is really powerful, so let’s hope it will come to Windows 10.

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