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Lightbits Labs has shown a kind of new solid-state drive which is world’s first ultra-high capacity and it is the Lightbits Labs SuperSSD. This Lightbits Labs SuperSSD delivers large storage size and fast transfer speed. This post show some features of this Lightbits Labs SuperSSD.

Lightbits Labs Introduces the World’s First Ultra-High Capacity SuperSSD

Lightbits Labs, founded in 2016, is remarking modern cloud infrastructure on a global scale. The company devotes itself to researching and developing storage devices.

And recently, Lightbits Labs has introduced a kind of new solid-state drive which is the world’s first ultra-high capacity and high-performance solid-state drive. It is the Lightbits Labs SuperSSD. In this post, we will show some specific features of this Lightbits Labs SuperSSD.

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Lightbits Labs has realized that the fast and massive storage devices are becoming more and more popular and the demand for the large solid-state drive is also increasing. So it is designed to launch the Lightbits Labs SuperSSD. Users can also get many benefits from this Lightbits SuperSSD.

Lightbits Labs SuperSSD

First of all, this Lightbits large SuperSSD is the world’s first ultra-high capacity. The Lightbits Labs SuperSSD is ranging from 64TB to 1PB. With so high capacity, it is able to be shared across multiple compute nodes.

The Lightbits Labs SuperSSD is built-in the 2U Standard Rack Server form factor with simple plug-and-play installation. And it uses the standard TCP/IP network infrastructure for immediately shared storage supporting many applications and compute nodes.

In addition, this Lightbits Labs delivers fast read and write speed. It can support up to 5 million 4K input and output operations per second and with a latency consistency of less than 200us with end-to-end NVMe.

The connectivity of this Lightbits Labs is also good. It supports the dual 100GbE wire-speed performance. This Lightbits SuperSSD also has fault tolerant ability. The Elastic Erasure Coding isolates SSD failure, ensuring data protection and no service interruption.

Tip: For data protection, you can choose to back up files.

What’s more, the compression is also important. The line rate can be decreased 4 times or greater so as to increase usable storage capacity and to enhance SSD endurance and accelerating write-intensive applications.

The Lightbits Labs SuperSSD virtualizes and manages a large pool of NVMe SSDs as a plug-and-play appliance, to provide simplicity, performance, fault tolerance and cost efficiencies. Besides, this Lightbits Labs SuperSSD enables data scientists to easily scale their storage reach and performance when and where they need it by using existing network and computer infrastructures.

So if you need to high storage size to save your files and data, the world’s first ultra-high Lightbits Labs SuperSSD is a good choice for you. This Lightbits SuperSSD is designed to address data storage speed, capacity and reliability needs of artificial intelligence and machine learning training systems.

The Lightbits large SuperSSD makes storage transparent, so applications like high-speed databases, high-performance analytics and customers engagement applications can deliver optimal user experiences.

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Final Words

After reading this post, you can get the information that the world’s first ultra-high capacity SuperSSD and delivers fast read and write speed. This Lightbits Labs SuperSSD can access massive amounts of data with latency is a priority for deep learning, artificial intelligence, and high-performance analytics workloads. The Lightbits Labs SuperSSD appliance is available for purchase now, along with the two pioneering NVMe/TCP solutions Lightbits introduced last month.

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