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open Event Viewer Windows 10

Check the 7 ways to open Event Viewer Windows 10. Each way includes a step-by-step guide. This post also teaches you how to use Event Viewer on Windows 10. If you are searching for a reliable data recovery tool, hard drive partition manager, system backup and restore assistant, MiniTool software covers all of them for you.

You can open Event Viewer Windows 10 to check the detailed information of important events occurring on your computer, e.g. Windows system, security, setup, application, hardware, services events, etc. If your computer has some problems, Event Viewer is helpful to let you check, troubleshoot and repair Windows 10 errors like application errors and system errors.

Check the 7 ways below for how to open Event Viewer Windows 10, and how to use Event Viewer on Windows 10.

7 Ways to Open Event Viewer Windows 10

Way 1. Access Event Viewer through Search Box

Click Start or Search Box at the toolbar -> Type event, and click Event Viewer to open it.

Event Viewer Windows 10

Way 2. Open Event Viewer through Run Dialog

Press Windows + R to open Windows Run dialog -> Type eventvwr.msc in Run box and hit Enter button to open it.

Way 3. Launch Event Viewer Windows 10 with CMD

Press Windows + R, type cmd, and hit Enter to open Command Prompt Windows 10 -> Type eventvwr in Command Prompt window, and hit Enter to open Event Viewer.

open Event Viewer Windows 10 via CMD

Way 4. How to Open Event Viewer with PowerShell

Press Windows + X, and click Windows PowerShell to open it -> Type eventvwr.msc, and press Enter button to open Event Viewer.

Way 5. Get into Event Viewer App in Control Panel

Open Control Panel Windows 10 -> Type event in the search box at the upper-right of Control Panel window, and click Search -> Click View event logs link under Administrative Tools to open Event Viewer Windows 10.

Way 6. Access Event Viewer from File Explorer Window

Click This PC on Windows 10 computer desktop -> Type event viewer in the search field -> Double-click Event Viewer application in the search result to open it.

Way 7. Open Event Viewer Windows 10 from Computer Management

Open Computer Management Windows 10 -> Expand System Tools in Computer Management window, and click Event Viewer to access it.

How to Use Event Viewer Windows 10

After you open Event Viewer in Windows 10, you can click one main category from the left pane and the total number of events of this category will be logged in the middle window.

You can click one of the events to check the event ID and the detailed information of the Event.

You can see some of events are marked Error, Warning, or Information. They have different meanings.

  • Error means a significant problem and it may include some loss of data on your computer. (Recover my files)
  • Warning indicates that there may be a potential problem of your computer.
  • Information means the program functions normal.

Each main category under Windows logs refers to different events on your computer.

  • Application: System components like drivers on your Windows 10 computer report their problems.
  • Security: Events under this category show the results of a security action.
  • Setup: Refer to domain controllers.
  • System: System events report problems and warnings from Windows system files and programs installed on the system. Most of them can be self-healed.
  • Forwarded Events: Events sent from other computers.

You can use Event Viewer to troubleshoot computer problems like blue screen error, program or system crash, view each shut down or system restart and its reason, and more. You can also search any Event ID online for detailed explanation.

How to Create Event Viewer Shortcut on Windows 10

You can easily create a desktop shortcut of Event Viewer on Windows 10 to quickly access it when needed.

  • Right-click the blank area of computer desktop to click New -> Shortcut.
  • Type %windir%\system32\eventvwr.msc in Create Shortcut window, and click Next.
  • Type Event Viewer as the name of the shortcut, and click Finish to create Event Viewer Shortcut on Windows 10.

create shortcut for Event Viewer


Now you should know how to open and use Event Viewer in Windows 10 so as to troubleshoot Windows 10 computer problems.

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