What is Smart Switch on Samsung? How to download Samsung Smart Switch and install it on your phone or Windows PC/Mac? How to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data from a phone to another one or from a phone to a computer? MiniTool will show you what you want to know.

What Is Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is a free app that helps to transfer content from your old device to a new Samsung Galaxy no matter whether the old device is running Android or not. This is a secure way to move your data to Galaxy. When you switch to Galaxy, you don’t need to say goodbye to your old data but keep everything (videos, contacts, photos, notes, calendar events, and device settings) from the old device to the new device.

Smart Switch supports moving photos, videos, contacts, notes, etc. from your iPhone or iPad to Galaxy, and even it is allowed to bring your data from iCloud. Besides, you can use this tool to switch from Android to Galaxy and transfer data from your phone to a Windows PC or Mac. 

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How Does Samsung Smart Switch Work

Samsung Smart Switch works in two ways – wireless and wired. A wireless connection is established via Wi-Fi. To transfer data, you need to make sure your two devices connect to the same Wi-Fi and then initialize the data transfer. Another way to connect your phone to another phone or a computer is to use a USB-OTG adapter provided in-box. For some devices, there isn’t a USB cable or a port to connect to a mobile phone. In this case, a wireless connection is recommended.

What Does Samsung Smart Switch Not Transfer

As mentioned above, Samsung Smart Switch can transfer images, videos, contacts, app data, settings, etc. But not all the contents can be backed up or transferred and see the next list:

  • Contacts: Contacts saved on social networks like Facebook/Twitter, Google accounts, SIM card, and work email accounts are not moved.
  • App data: Data in private storage isn’t transferred.
  • Calendar: Calendar stickers and appointments synced with external accounts like Google are excluded.
  • Email: Social Hub and Premium accounts are not moved.
  • Live wallpapers and themes

Samsung Smart Switch Download

To transfer data, you need to download Samsung Smart Switch app and install it on your PC/Mac or mobile device. Just go to the official website - https://www.samsung.com/us/apps/smart-switch/, then locate the Download Smart Switch section and then click WINDOWS or MAC OS to get the Smart_Switch_PC_setup.exe file or the SmartSwitch4Mac_setup.dmg file. Then, double-click on the .exe or .dmg file and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

Samsung Smart Switch download

To download and install Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, open Galaxy Store or Google Play, search for this app and get it.

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How to Use Samsung Smart Switch on PC/Mac/Android

Make sure your two devices are connected wirelessly or wiredly, then the types of files and data will be listed and you can follow the on-screen wizards to start transferring your photos, contacts, videos, and more.

To find more details about how to use Samsung Smart Switch, refer to the official help document - Transfer Content with Samsung Smart Switch. This page shows you multiple parts, including wireless transfer from an Android phone, important content from iCloud, connect devices with a USB cable, use a microSD card or USB flash drive and copy your data from a Windows phone.           

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Bottom Line

After reading this post, you know much information about Smart Switch including its overview, which content isn’t transferred, how to download and install the Samsung Smart Switch app on Windows/macOS & Android and how to use Samsung Smart Switch? If you need, just get this app for data transfer.

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