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Qualcomm released its Snapdragon 8cx chips designed for laptops, and this will be a formidable rival to the Intel Core i5. According to the new PCMark10 benchmarks, Snapdragon 8cx chips are even better than Intel Core i5 in many aspects, such as battery life. This post will cover more details about the Snapdragon 8cx chips.

Qualcomm used Snapdragon processors designed for mobile phones in laptops two years ago since the phone processors have some advantages, for instance, fast and battery-efficient. Considering this, Qualcomm designed and released Snapdragon 8cx chip for laptops. It will help you get through a day’s work while running on 3000mAh batteries. What’s more, it will boost the laptop performance.

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Snapdragon 8cx chip

Snapdragon 8cx Chip vs. Intel Core

What’s the biggest difference between Qualcomm processor and Intel processor?

  • The Intel chips are mostly designed for the desktop computers that are often connected to power, so it focuses more on speed.
  • Qualcomm has designed chips for mobile phones previously, so it thinks battery-efficient should be as important as speed.

The number of transistors and memory bandwidth for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx has been doubled. In this way, the even more complex data transfers can be realized. The data pathway is increased, so the output on dual 4K HDR external monitors is possible.

Qualcomm has prepared Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor well for the future; it adds X55 5G modem to the new 8cx chip, making it 5G-enabled. There’s also the older LTE one, which allows users to connect to both networks freely. The power efficient of the new chip is 60% higher than that of the previous 855 product.

The release of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx chip at the Computex 2019 makes Windows 10 on ARM laptop more affordable.

Snapdragon 8cx Smashes Intel Core i5

A new PCMark10 benchmark was executed by Qualcomm, together with UL (formerly known as Futuremark). In this way, people can compare ARM chip like the Snapdragon 8cx with a traditional x86 Intel platform under the same circumstances.


A new app-test was announced by UL to demonstrate the way people use computers daily. This test runs applications from the Microsoft Store, for example, Microsoft Office including Word (how to recover lost Word), PowerPoint (how to recover PowerPoint file), and Excel, so as to simulate "common scenarios and workloads."

The result of the tests shows Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor is out-performing the i5 in many aspects. Though the 8th generation Intel Core i5-8250U is equipped with a max turbo frequency of 3.40 GHz, it is not as good as Snapdragon 8cx.

Application benchmark

Battery life

The tests about battery usage of devices using the Snapdragon 8cx and the Core i5-8250U are conducted. The results show that:

  • The Intel processor could only last 10 hours and 21 minutes.
  • The upper limit of ARM chip is lasting 17 hours.

The Snapdragon laptop was running at full HD; however, the Intel one was 2K. This seems to be a little bit unfair. But this isn’t enough to explain the about 7-hour difference.

Battery life benchmark


Night Raid benchmark is also conducted to test devices with integrated graphics; CPU and GPUs give support to it. The CPU performance of i5 seems better; yet, the overall performance of Snapdragon 8cx is better since the more advanced GPU has been adopted.

The HD graphics of Intel is not fantastically powerful, but it does make it possible for users to do some gaming. Well, the Adreno 680 GPU core is said to be equipped with a lot of advantages:

  • It’s the fastest GPU that Qualcomm has ever produced.
  • The performance of it is almost twice that of the Snapdragon 850.
  • The power efficiency is 60% higher, correspondingly.
  • It gives support to the latest DirectX12 API.

Graphics benchmark

All in all, the Snapdragon 8cx chip of Qualcomm leaves a good impression on the public. It performs even better than Intel Core i5 in the aspects of graphics, general computing, and battery life. It may be even compatible with the latest Ryzen APUs of AMD.

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