Users have reported a lot of problems every time when a new Windows 10 update is out. The release of KB4517389 also cannot escape the same fate. The user feedback shows that more issues are caused by this new Windows 10 cumulative update published in October.

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The New Windows 10 Cumulative Update Causing BSOD

Do you know what a cumulative update is? If not, I think it's necessary to explain this term for you in brief.

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How to Hide/Stop/Block Specific Updates on Windows 10/11?

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What Is Cumulative Update for Windows 10

In fact, the so called Windows 10 cumulative update refers to the update that mainly contains the improvements to enhance the functionality of the main programs and applications in the previous system.

Unlike the simple update that aims at fixing certain problems, the cumulative update mainly focus on enhancing features and improving performances; it even includes the previously released updates.

Useful Tips On How To Improve Windows 10 Performance!

Influences of KB4517389

According to the users’ feedback, the KB4517389 update leads to many issues: Windows 10 BSOD, Start menu corruption, Edge web browser damage, app problems, and so on.

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How To Recover Lost Files After Windows Update

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Windows 10 blue screen:

Shortly after the KB4517389 cumulative update was released on October 8, 2019, users reported the serious Windows 10 update issues: the Windows 10 update causing blue screen (BSOD). On the Microsoft’s forum, people said they encountered a complete crash of the computer after finishing updating their Windows 10.

It seems that a proxy driver used by cloud services like OneDrive and iCloud may be responsible for the appearance of the blue screen of death. The easiest way to fix the issue is uninstalling the applications using the services or uninstalling the KB4517389. People affect by this should consider this solution.

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Windows 10 Start menu Critical Error:

More and more Windows 10 1903 users reported that they receive a Critical Error message after clicking on the Start menu button.

The exact message is: Your Start Menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in.

Broken Start menu

Some users said their Start menu works again after uninstalling KB4517389, while other said the problem persists.

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge won't launch:

Some users said they won’t be able to launch the Microsoft Edge after the update has been installed successfully. They double clicked on the Edge icon, and then nothing happens. However, some of the users said they can open the Edge easily by clicking on a link in a web page.

Edge not working

This issue can be fixed if they uninstall KB4517389 which is expected to improve the security when using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Therefore, a security fix is considered to be the trigger of the Edge not working problem.

Windows 10 update leading to app corruption:

There are also complaints from users saying that the cumulative update has broken their applications, especially Visual Basic 3 (of course, the legacy 16-bit apps written in Visual Basic 3 will be infected as well).

Another program that has been tested to be affected by installing KB4517389 is the VMware 14.

After uninstalling the update, guess what, the applications get back to work normally again.

These are the main problems caused by the October Windows 10 cumulative update. Certainly, the Windows 10 update BSOD is the most serious case.

By the way, how to fix BSOD error: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT?

Fixed: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error In Windows 10/8/7/XP
Fixed: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error In Windows 10/8/7/XP

The PFN_LIST_CORRUPT BSOD (blue screen of death) is a common error on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and even Windows XP.

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Should You Install the Windows 10 October Update

There is no exact answer to this question; that all depends on users’ different needs. I will introduce the KB4517389 update to you briefly and you can decide whether you want to install the update.

Update merits:

  • The update includes improvements for storing and managing files.
  • The update enhances the methods for verifying user names and passwords.
  • The update improves security for using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

For more detailed information about the Windows 10 cumulative update, please click here.

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