Windows Explorer is a file manager application built in Windows operating systems since Windows 95 to replace the previously File Manager. Users can access files and folders easily via Windows Explorer since it provides a graphical user interface for accessing your file systems. What are the feasible ways to open Windows Explorer on computer?

Windows Explorer was introduced with Windows 95 as a replacement for File Manager. Microsoft gives it a new name in Windows 8 and Windows 10: File Explorer. Windows Explorer provides you with an easy way to access files and folders; that’s an important reason why Windows Explorer (File Explorer) becomes one of the most used apps on Windows.

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Whenever you’d like to copy or move files on Windows 10, the first thing to do should be opening File Explorer. Where is File Explorer? Please don’t worry if you can answer this. In the following content, I’ll show you how to open Windows Explorer on Windows 10 in 11 ways.

#1. Open Windows Explorer from Taskbar

By default, there’s a File Explorer icon (which looks like a folder) on the left end of taskbar in Windows 10. You should click on this icon to start Windows Explorer in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working – How To Fix (Ultimate Solution)
Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working – How To Fix (Ultimate Solution)

If you find your Windows 10 taskbar is not working, please don’t panic since I have useful methods to help.

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#2. Open File Explorer Windows 10 via Windows Search

If you have no idea of where is File Explorer in Windows 10, the best way to find it is using Windows search.

Please follow these steps to open Windows 10 File Explorer:

  1. Click on the search icon or search box located on the left side of your taskbar.
  2. Type explorer into the textbox.
  3. Select File Explorer from the search result.

Please read this page to know more about how to search in Windows 10:

How To Use, Control, & Fix Search Bar In Windows 10
How To Use, Control, & Fix Search Bar In Windows 10

This page shows you how to use & control the search bar in Windows 10 and how to fix if search bar is missing from the taskbar.

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#3. Ask Cortana to Open File Explorer

You can also use Cortana – Microsoft’s personal productivity assistant – to open Windows Explorer.

  1. Click on the Cortana icon on taskbar; it’s located on the right side of the search icon/box.
  2. Click on the microphone icon and say “Open File Explorer”.
  3. Cortana will then respond to this.

You can also type File Explorer into the Cortana search box if you don’t have a microphone.

#4. Open File Explorer from Start Menu

Start Menu is frequently used on all Windows versions to help people access certain files, apps, and settings quickly. How to open File Explorer?

Step 1: How to Open Start Menu

And there are 2 common ways to open the Start menu on Windows 10.

  • Click on the Start button in the lower left corner of Windows 10 PC screen.
  • Press the Start (Windows logo) key on the keyboard.

Step 2: How to Start Windows Explorer

Then, you can open Windows 10 File Explorer from Start menu in 3 different ways.

  • Scroll down the list of apps -> find Windows System and expand it -> click File Explorer under it.
  • Navigate to the left sidebar -> click on the File Explorer icon.
  • Navigate to the right tile section -> select File Explorer.

From Start menu

Q1: What if File Explorer doesn’t appear in the left sidebar?

You may also click on the Documents or Pictures icon to open file manager Windows 10. Besides, you can pin File Explorer to the sidebar by: click on the Settings icon -> click Personalization -> choose Start -> click on the Choose which folders appear on Start link -> turn On File Explorer.

Q2: How to pin File Explorer to the tile section?

Press Windows + S -> type File Explorer -> right click on it and choose Pin to Start.

#5. Use Keyboard Shortcut to Open File Explorer

Your keyboard offers fast shortcuts for launching lots of things, including File Explorer. How to start Windows Explorer easily? Just press Windows + E on the keyboard.

#6. Open Windows Explorer from WinX Menu

WinX menu, also known as the Power User Menu, refers to the menu you see after pressing Windows + X. You can also right click on the Start button to show this menu. Then, you should select File Explorer.

[Fixed] WinX Menu Not Working In Windows 10.

From WinX menu

#7. Open Windows Explorer via Run

How to open File Explorer in Windows 10 by using the Run application?

  1. Press Windows + R to open Run.
  2. Type explorer into the text box.
  3. Click OK or press Enter.

From Run

#8. Use Task Manager to Start Windows Explorer

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.
  2. Switch to More details. (Optional)
  3. Select File from the menu bar and choose Run new task.
  4. Type explorer and press Enter.

From Task Manager

#9. Start Windows 10 File Explorer from Command Prompt or Powershell

  1. Open Command Prompt or Windows Powershell as you usually do.
  2. Type explorer and press Enter.

From Command Prompt

#10. Run Explorer.exe

  1. Double click on This PC.
  2. Go to C:\Windows.
  3. Find the explorer application file.
  4. Double click on it.

From Windows folder

#11. Make a Shortcut Manually

You can open File Explorer from anywhere you want by creating a shortcut manually.

  1. Navigate to the place you want to open Windows Explorer from.
  2. Right click on the blank space.
  3. Select New -> Shortcut.
  4. Type the correct location or click Browse.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Give it a name.
  7. Click Finish.

Creat shortcut for Windows Explorer

Another way to creat a File Explorer shortcut quickly is: dragging and dropping the File Explorer shortcut from the Start Menu to anywhere else you want.

Can you fix File Explorer if it won’t open or start?

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