What is Windows 10X? What’s the feature of Windows 10X? When will the Windows 10X be available? This post will show some features of Windows 10X in the following section. In addition, you can also use MiniTool software to manage PC and disk as well as keep PC safe.

What Is Windows 10X?

Microsoft has unveiled its long-rumored, dual-screen Surface Neo device at its fall event in New York City on Oct. 2. This new device runs the Microsoft new operating system – Windows 10X, which is a branch of Windows 10. But what are the new features of Windows 10X? In the following section, we will show you some features of Windows 10X?

In fact, the official name of Windows 10X is the Windows Lite/Santorini. It is not a new operating system, but a derivative of Windows 10. The Windows 10X is designed for dual screens and folding devices.

At this fall event, Microsoft senior executives call this derivative of Windows 10 as the Windows 10X and Panos Panay, the Microsoft hardware chief, has used the word “expression” to describe Windows 10X, as it means that it is a new expression of Windows 10 OS. Therefore, it would be an official explanation of the name of Windows 10X.

Windows 10X

What’s the Connection Between Windows 10X and Windows Core OS?

Windows Core OS is the basic version of Windows 10X. In the past, the Windows Core OS has been described as the successor of Windows OneCore – Microsoft attempted to standardize a set of core components of Windows so as to enable it to work successfully on other devices.

But Windows Core OS is the combination of OneCore operating system, the UWP/Web and Win32 application packages, and the composable c-shell, which is the foundation of Windows 10X.

Having known what the Windows 10X is, you may wonder what devices can run Windows 10X. So, in the following section, we will show which devices can run Windows 10X.

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Which Devices Can Run Windows 10X?

As mentioned of the Microsoft, the Surface Neo, the dual-screen Surface device will be available due around holiday 2020 and will ship the Windows 10X. At the same time, Microsoft hardware partners, like Dell, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, and others will also develop its own dual-screen or foldable devices, which can ship Windows 10X(but likely not before holiday 2020).

But the newly announced – Surface Pro X based on an ARM cannot run Windows 10X, despite the X in both products.

In theory, Microsoft claimed that Windows 10X can work both on dual-screen devices and foldable 9-inch tablets. If someone wanted to call a foldable 10X devices a phone because it was running the Microsoft Your Phone app and thus able to receive or make calls from the device via a user’s Android phone, I guess it could be treated as a smartphone.

What Apps Will/ Won’t Run on Windows 10X?

From the above information, you have known which devices are able to ship Windows 10X. You may wonder which applications can run or cannot run on Windows 10X. So, the following section shows you the answer.

Different from Windows 10S, the Windows 10X won’t be limited to Store apps only. In addition, the Windows 10X can run UWP Apps, PWAs, Web applications, and Win32 apps. When it runs Win32 apps, it uses containers, which is the same as the Windows Lite.

There have been rumors that Android apps also can be run on Surface Neo, but I don’t think that Windows 10X can provide such a function. But it can be done with an Android emulator.

Therefore, Microsoft still seems to sell Windows 10 S mode to customers who want to run Windows Store apps only. However, Windows 10X will provide some of the same benefits as Windows 10 S mode. But Windows 10X will not replace the Windows 10 S mode.

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