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Windows 11 can’t connect to Brother printers via a USB cable

Windows 11 can’t connect to Brother printers via a USB cable is a known issue. Microsoft will release the fixes in the next Windows 11 update. But now, you can try the methods mentioned in this MiniTool post to temporarily use the printer as normal.

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Some Users Can’t Use Brother Printers on Windows 11 via a USB Connection

Windows 11 has been released for a while. Many users have upgraded their computers to this new Windows version to use its new taskbar, Start Menu, UI (user interface), Microsoft Store, Widgets, and other new features and improvements.

As a new version, there are always bugs and loopholes in it. Recently, some Brother printer users discover that Windows 11 can’t connect to Brother printers via a USB cable. The Brothers Company has confirmed this issue and summarized 3 related issues as follows:

Updating your operating system to Windows 11 may prevent your computer from:
1. Detecting your Brother machine when it is connected to your computer using a USB cable.
2. Changing your Brother machine's settings.
3. Connecting more than one Brother machine via USB.support.brother.com

These issues don’t happen to all users. But many users have reported that their printers can’t detect their computers using a USB cable connection after upgrading to Windows 11. When they want to change the settings for a Brother printer on a Windows 11 computer, they can’t find the printer.

How to Fix Windows 11 Can’t Connect to Brother Printers via a USB Cable?

How to fix it when you can’t detect Brother printers on Windows 11? There are no effective solutions now. Microsoft is trying to fix these issues and the fixes may come with the next Windows 11 update that is supposed to be released at the end of October.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t solve the issue currently. You can temporarily use a different connection type like wired and wireless. Here are these two connection methods from Brothers:

Brother Also Lists Some other Apps and Tools That Can’t Work With Windows 11 Using a USB Cable

The Brother printer may not be the only product that struggles with Windows 11. Brother also prompts that when you use the following tools, some unavailable situations may also occur when you connect them to Windows 11 through a USB cable.

  • Device Settings Tool
  • Paper Size Setup Tool
  • Distributed Print Tool
  • Special ID Setting Tool
  • Wireless Setup Wizard
  • P-Touch Editor 5.4
  • Update Software
  • Transfer Manager
  • Transfer Express
  • Template Settings
  • Printer Setting Tool

Roll Back to Windows 10

Windows 11 is not as stable as expected at least for now. You may have had a bad experience after Windows 11 upgrade. If you are regretful and want to use Windows 10 again, you can try the methods mentioned in this post to do it: How to Uninstall Windows 11 and Go Back to Windows 10? Afterward, you can choose to install Windows 11 again when it stabilizes.

If you are still using Windows 10, they can consider whether to upgrade to this new Windows version. They can think about whether these Windows 11 issues can influence their work and life.

Here are some common Windows 11 issues:

Bottom Line

If your Windows 11 can’t detect Brother printers through a USB cable, you can use another connection method to use the printer. This issue will be fixed very soon. When the new Windows 11 update is released, just update your system to have a try. Should you have any other issues, you can let us know in the comments.

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