You can use the built-in Network Adapter troubleshooter in Windows 11 to find and fix problems with wireless and other network adapters. This post teaches you how to find and run Windows 11 network adapter troubleshooter with detailed instructions. Some other tips to help you fix network issues on Windows 11 are also included.

Microsoft provides a built-in Windows Troubleshooter that includes a set of troubleshooting tools to help you automatically detect and fix various hardware and devices’ problems. This post mainly introduces Windows 11 network adapter troubleshooter. This troubleshooter tool helps diagnose the common problems with your Ethernet, WiFi, and other network issues.

How to Run Windows 11 Network Adapter Troubleshooter

  1. Click Start menu and click Settings.
  2. Click System.
  3. Click Troubleshoot on the right.
  4. Click Other troubleshooters.
  5. Find the Network Adapter option and click the Run button next to it. The network adapter troubleshooter will run immediately to find and fix possible problems with various network adapters. You can select a particular network adapter to diagnose. If you are not sure, you can select All network adapters.

Windows 11 network adapter troubleshooter

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How to Update/Reinstall Network Adapter Driver in Windows 11

To fix Windows 11 network adapter missing, not working, or other network issues, you can also try to update or reinstall network adapter driver to see if the problem can be fixed. Check how to update network adapter driver in Windows 11 below.

  1. Right-click Start and select Device Manager to open Device Manager in Windows 11.
  2. Expand Network adapters category.
  3. Right-click the target network adapter and select Update driver.
  4. Choose the Search automatically for drivers option and the system will search your computer for newer drivers for the network adapter. If it finds one, it will install it automatically.
  5. If you want, you can also select Uninstall device to uninstall the network adapter driver, and then restart your computer to reinstall the network adapter driver.

Other Tips to Troubleshoot Network Adapter Problems

Tip 1. Make sure WiFi is turned on.

Tip 2. Restart your modem and router.

Tip 3. Restart your computer.

Tip 4. Update Windows 11. You may run a Windows update to update some outdated network adapter drivers. You can click Start -> Settings -> Windows Update -> Check for updates to update Windows 11 system.

Tip 5. Reset network settings in Windows 11. Click Start -> Settings -> Network and Internet. Click Advanced network settings. Scroll down to click Network reset. Click Network Reset to reset network settings to default.

Tip 6. Other solutions to Troubleshoot network connection problems.

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