What is Asus USB-BT400? How to install this adapter? How to download and install an Asus USB-BT400 driver for Windows 11/10? If you get a driver error, what should you do? After reading this post, you know the answers to these questions, and let’s go to see them. MiniTool gives you a detailed guide on this Bluetooth adapter and its driver.

Asus USB-BT400

It is a Bluetooth Smart Ready USB adapter from Asus that brings new and advanced Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. It is backward compatible with Bluetooth 3.0, 2.1, and 2.0.

Asus USB-BT400 comes with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which offers energy-saving wireless connectivity. This adapter supports the connection with a wide range of devices, including computers, speakers, keyboards, controllers, phones, printers, headsets, etc.

Tip: In addition to USB-BT400, Asus also has another Bluetooth adapter and it is USB-BT500 that supports Bluetooth 5.0.

To use it, Asus USB BT400 setup or installation is necessary. Besides, installing an Asus USB BT400 driver is also important. Now, let’s go to see how to set up the adapter and install the latest driver.

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Asus USB BT400 Installation

These wizards come from the Asus USB-BT400 User Manual:

  1. When you purchase the USB-BT400 adapter, you get a CD. Just insert that CD into the optical drive of your computer. Go to access the contents of the CD and double-click on the Autorun.exe file.
  2. Click Agree and Install Bluetooth Software on the installation screen.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen and insert the USB-BT400 adapter once prompted.
  4. Click Finish after completing the setup process. Reboot the system to finish the installation. A Bluetooth driver is installed on your PC during the process.

After the setup, go to Settings, click Devices > Bluetooth & other devices and turn on Bluetooth. Then, click Add Bluetooth or other device (Windows 10) or click Bluetooth & devices, enable Bluetooth and click Add device (Windows 11). Then, choose a device and pair it up.

add a Bluetooth device

Then, you can use this Bluetooth adapter on your Windows 11/10 PC. To make sure the USB-BT400 adapter runs properly on your Windows 11/10 PC, you need to install an up-to-date Asus USB BT400 driver. Although a driver has been installed during the setup, it may be not the latest version. Thus, you can choose to install the driver by following another way.

Asus USB BT400 Driver Download for Windows 11/10

Asus offers an Asus USB BT400 driver on its official website and this driver is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Follow the steps below to get and install it on your computer.

  1. Go to Asus Download Center.
  2. Type USB-BT400 to the search box and click Enter. Then, click Driver & Utility.
  3. Select an operating system like Windows 11 64-bit or Windows 10 32-bit/64-bit and then click Download to get the Asus USB BT400 driver for Windows 10.

Asus USB BT400 driver Windows 11 download

Tip: If you get an Asus USB-BT500 adapter, you can also download a driver for Windows 11/10 by searching USB-BT500 and downloading the driver from the Asus official website.

After downloading, unzip this folder and open it, double-click on the setup.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the Asus USB BT400 driver installation.

In addition to this way, you can perform Asus USB BT400 driver update & installation via other ways, for example, Device Manager or a driver update tool. Here is a related article for you - How to Update Drivers in Windows 11? Try 4 Ways Here!

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