What is Microsoft Sway and what is PowerPoint? These two are different presentation tools to facilitate people’s working and studying. So, what’s the difference between them and how choose between them. This post on MiniTool Website will give you some advice.

Microsoft Sway and PowerPoint

Microsoft Sway and PowerPoint are both designed as presentation tools, widely used for educational or personal purposes and business presentations. They provide several features to make the presentation look well-organized and customized.

All ideas can be configured as charts, videos, texts, etc., easily transferred and understood. So, what are the differences between Microsoft Sway and PowerPoint? Then, there are some points for Microsoft Sway vs PowerPoint.

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Microsoft Sway vs PowerPoint

Even though they share similar purpose in using, we still can see some differences in PowerPoint vs Microsoft Sway. From the following aspects, you can better learn them.

PowerPoint vs Sway in Price

Price is always something people care about and they do differ in that. PowerPoint is included in Microsoft 365 as a paid application. You may need to purchase a subscription to get access; while Sway is a freeware application as long as you have a Microsoft account.

PowerPoint vs Sway in Interface

There are some differences in their interface. Since PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft 365, so its outlook would be similar to Word, Excel, etc. That is great for those who have been used to using the Microsoft package and preferred the layout.

Microsoft Sway has a straightforward and mostly intuitive interface. However, they both offer a view of your recent files on the main screen, the workspaces look nothing alike.

Also, there are main difference in Sway vs PowerPoint that is PowerPoint can create and present slides and make a consecutive presentation but Sway only has one continuous page.

PowerPoint vs Sway in Features

About their features, PowerPoint provides more features than Microsoft Sway. Since they show presentation in different manner – PowerPoint in slides while Sway in pages. Many great features are available for PowerPoint but limited in Sway.

For example, PowerPoint offers different options for slide design and slide transition. Added animations can make the presentation more attracting. Besides, you can use PowerPoint to present a screen recoding, narration, or live camera feed. Images, videos, charts, and graphs are also available for users to insert.

Sway also allows you to insert images, graphs, video, and audio files with a diverse layout option for your presentation, including a vertical, horizontal, or slide layout.

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PowerPoint vs Sway in Collaboration Tools

PowerPoint and Sway both allow users to view and edit a presentation via their sharing and collaboration features. However, one feature is different. PowerPoint allows users to comment on different sections after uploading to OneDrive, which is helpful for people to work together. Sway doesn’t have this feature for comment.

Back up Your Files

After the above description about Microsoft Sway vs PowerPoint, you may have decided which one to choose. These presentation files are usually applied in your working or studying, which matters a lot. But at the same time, they are easy to get lost by accident. That’s why more and more people will choose to have a backup for their important files.

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Bottom Line:

If you are struggling between Microsoft Sway vs PowerPoint and don’t know how to choose between them, then this post can be helpful to resolve the trouble.

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